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Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem! Keep Your Eyes Open!

utopia p2p ecosystem

The rapid growth of cybercrime combined with the violation of the rights of Internet users, including the tracking and use of personal data, has exposed the problem of online security. In 2019, the question of what private tools to use is more relevant than ever. In addition, the reliability and safety

North Korea now uses fake cryptocurrency companies to break into Mac OS

north korea now uses fake cryptocurrency companies

A research was published on Sunday, indicating that North Korea is sponsoring hackers to attack Apple Macs. US government and multiple cybersecurity companies reported that North Korea is sponsoring a group called Lazarus. And that they are trying to get into Macs through some fake cryptocurrency software designed by a front

Blockchain: Orchid’s decentralized VPN will affect www

orchid decentralized vpn

Currently, Japan's Orchid Labs are building a decentralized VPN. The decentralized VPN  will help create a new and possibly more comfortable way of using the internet anonymously. Using blockchain technology, this is the first brand amongst others that will generate a new privacy layer on the web. With this in the

Sweet Revenge! Ransomware Victim Hacks His Hackers

tobias fromel

To strike back at his attackers, a malware victim vengefully hacked back his attackers. Bent on getting back at his attackers, German programmer Tobias Fromel (aka battleck) hacked the Muhstik malware. After the hack, he released close to 3000 encryption keys and free decryption software for other victims. Though this revenge hack