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Full Wondershare Dr Fone Review

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In this post, we will show you the Wondershare Dr Fone Review, a data recovery tool for Android and iOS devices.

Dr.Fone is the first Android and iOS data recovery tool created by Wondershare in July 2017 to offer data recovery solution for android and iOS devices.

Although Dr.Fone remains the best data recovery tool for Android and iOS devices, it can perform other functionalities such as file transfer, system repair, screen unlock, Virtual location changing, etc.

I believe you will find Dr.Fone an interesting data recovery tool for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can try out Dr.Fone’s trial version for a first-hand data-recovery experience.

Full Wondershare Dr Fone Review

Without further ado, let's show you the Wondershare Dr Fone review.

What Are The Benefits Of Dr.Fone Data Recovery?

  • You do not need to be a technician to use Dr.Fone.¬†
  • You can recover lost or deleted files from your Android or iOS devices.
  • You can fix common phone issues such as file transfer, screen lock, system repair, changing your GPS location, etc.
  • You can erase data permanently or perform phone backup using Dr. Fone.

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Key Features Of Dr.Fone 

  • Intuitive User Interface

Dr.Fone’s intuitive user interface makes navigation easy for non-tech-savvy users. The tools are well-laid out within easy reach and accessibility to offer users a smooth experience.

  • Recover file options

With Dr.Fone, there’s no limit to the type of files you can recover. You can recover contacts, SMS and WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, and documents without a sweat.

  • File preview¬†

Not all lost or deleted files are useful; hence Dr.Fone shows you a preview of scanned files. You can select the files or data you want to recover without loading your device with junk files.

  • Recovery options¬†

With Dr.Fone, you can recover files or data from your device’s internal storage, broken Android devices, and SD-cards.

  • Compatible with over 6000 Android devices¬†

Dr. Fone is compatible with over 6000 smartphone devices with support for both rooted and unrooted devices. Therefore, you will be able to use Dr. Fone without compatibility issues, irrespective of your phone brand.

  • Data security¬†

Dr.Fone scans your device for recoverable data; it does not modify, log, or leak your data.

  • Tech Support

Dr.Fone has a highly skilled and friendly tech support team to handle all issues encountered by users. Users can benefit from Dr.Fone’s rich FAQ page and LiveChat features in addition to reaching out to the support team via dedicated helplines and Email support.

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Common Fixes You Can Perform With Dr.Fone

Common Fixes You Can Perform With Dr Fone

With Dr. Fone, you can resolve a myriad of phone and data recovery issues, including

  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Fix system crashes
  • Recover forgotten passwords
  • Fix SD card issues
  • Fix rooting errors
  • Perform ROM flashing
  • Recover data from damaged devices
  • Resolve black screen issues
  • Perform factory reset

How To Download, Install, And Use Wondershare Dr. Fone

How To Download, Install, And Use Wondershare Dr Fone

These simple steps will get you recovering data from your devices and resolving issues like a pro.

  1. Download and install Dr.Fone on your PC.
  2. Launch Dr.Fone and select a function you want to perform, e.g., Data Recovery.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  4. Enable USB debugging on your phone to allow Dr.Fone to detect your device.
  5. Select the file type you want to recover from your phone, e.g., contacts, messages, photos, etc. and click on next to continue.
  6. Select a scan type from the pop-up window that appears on your PC screen. You can select ‘Standard' or ‘Advanced' mode. Standard mode is faster, but Advanced mode performs a deeper and longer scan of your device.
  7. Click the ‘Start' icon to start scanning your device for lost or deleted files.
  8. After scanning, Dr.Fone will display all recovered file types, including available and deleted files, in a new window.
  9. Enable the ‚ÄėOnly Display deleted items‚Äô option to view only deleted files, select the files you want to recover, choose a storage location, and click on ‚ÄėRecover.‚Äô

Now, for this Wondershare Dr Fone review, let's show you its pricing plans.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Pricing Plans

Wondershare Dr.Fone Pricing Plans

This Wondershare Dr Fone review is incomplete without showing you its pricing plans.

Dr.Fone has two separate pricing plans for both Android and iOS devices.

Here is the pricing plan for Android devices

  • Lifetime plan: $49.95. This plan includes various features such as data recovery, phone unlock, system repair, etc.

Here is the pricing plan for iOS devices

  • Lifetime plan: $69.95. This plan covers data recovery, system repair, phone unlock, etc.

Other Dr.Fone pricing plans include:

  • Dr.Fone Full toolkit: $139.95 per year
  • Dr.Fone Data Recovery: Price starts from $39.95
  • Dr.fone Phone Manager: Price starts from $29.95
  • Dr.Fone Phone Transfer: Price starts from $29.95
  • Dr.Fone System Repair: Price starts from $39.95
  • Dr.Fone Phone Backup: Price starts from $19.95

Check out Dr.Fone Store

Wrapping Up The Wondershare Dr Fone Review

Data loss due to deletion, faulty devices, broken screens, data corruption, etc., are common occurrences with no means of data recovery. 

Thankfully, with Dr.Fone, you can recover lost files and data such as contacts, SMS and Whatsapp messages, photos, music, videos, documents, etc., from damaged or faulty devices. 

Additionally, you can perform various repair or recovery functions such as fixing black screens, rooting errors, system crashes, etc., with Dr.Fone. This makes Dr.Fone a must-have recovery tool for your Android and iOS devices.

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