TutorialsWhy Facebook Were Right To Hit F5 And Refresh?

Why Facebook Were Right To Hit F5 And Refresh?

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There has been a lot of debate regarding the new Facebook user interface. So this is the reason we want to tell you why Facebook were right to Hit F5 and refresh.

Although, you are entitled to your opinion. As a matter of fact, your opinions are highly welcomed in the comments section.

Facebook, as we all know, is one of the biggest social media in the world, with over 2.85 billion active users in 2021. So, when changes occur on the platform, it is normal to bring a lot of reactions.

I could remember how a lot of people were mad at the new Facebook interface that was updated in September 2020. 

Some people threatened to quit the platform, and others expressed their displeasure on Twitter, describing it as a nightmare.

From this feedback, one could easily tell that the majority of Facebook users didn’t welcome the change. 

With Facebook server-side tracking, businesses will be able to track the user data before it reaches somewhere else. The server acts as a middle layer that stores the data and ensures better security and control.

But don’t let that stop you from looking at the development from a positive angle.

So let’s tell you;

Why Facebook Were Right To Hit F5 And Refresh?

Why Facebook Were Right To Hit F5 And Refresh?

I want to assume that you are aware of the changes on the Facebook interface. Yes, I am talking about the logo, color, layout, and many others. A lot of developments have been made regarding those listed.

The Logo

This is one of the most obvious changes. The old logo has a white ‘F in a dark blue square background, while the new one has a white ‘F in a light blue circle background.

Be honest with yourself: which of them is cooler?

The new one, obviously!

The Layout

The new Facebook homepage layout is flexible. The icon bar on the homepage is automatically arranged based on your interests, unlike the former one, which was static.

To confirm this, you should ask any of your family members or friends to open their Facebook mobile app, then check the layout and compare it with yours. 

You will notice a difference in the arrangement. This is so because it has been programmed to display your most used feature on the icon bar.

For example, I don’t have the Facebook Page Icon on my homepage because I don’t use it often. I can only locate it when I visit my other menu section.

Isn't that cool?


However, this might be controversial because it isn’t always easy to adapt to change. 

The old Facebook was easy to navigate, but the new one is easier to navigate. You only need to get used to it.

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook now has a dark mode option.

Medically, operating your device in dark mode has been proven to reduce eye strain. Aside from that, most people find dark mode cool.

But if you are not fine with it, you can switch back to light mode. So, this is a win for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might Facebook be said to have “hit F5” (refreshed itself)?

Facebook might be said to have “hit F5” if they made substantial changes to their platform, such as:

  • A major redesign of the user interface: A complete overhaul of how Facebook looks and functions.
  • Implementation of new features: Introducing entirely new functionalities to the platform.
  • Shifting focus or priorities: A change in Facebook's core direction or emphasis on specific aspects of the platform (e.g., prioritizing privacy or creator tools).
  • Addressing user concerns: Making significant changes based on user feedback or criticism.

Does F5 (refresh) actually change Facebook itself?

No, hitting F5 on your keyboard doesn't change Facebook itself. It only refreshes the data displayed on your specific device, ensuring you see the latest version of the Facebook webpage according to any recent updates made by Facebook.

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How do you refresh a webpage?

There are a few ways to refresh a webpage:

  • F5 key: This is the most common keyboard shortcut for refreshing a webpage in most web browsers.
  • Click the refresh button: The refresh button is usually located in the address bar of your web browser, symbolized by a circular arrow icon.
  • Swipe down on the page (for touchscreens): On mobile devices with touchscreens, swiping down on the webpage can often trigger a refresh.

Why would you want to refresh a webpage?

There are several reasons to refresh a webpage:

  • To see the latest content: Websites are constantly updated, and refreshing ensures you see the most recent information.
  • After making changes: If you've filled out a form or uploaded something, refreshing might be necessary to see the updated content.
  • If the page content appears incorrect or is not loading properly, Refreshing can sometimes fix display issues or errors.


From the points, I highlighted so far you will realize that Facebook hit F5 and refresh for the sake of the users. 

Not to remove the fact that they give their brand a refreshing look, which was also necessary.

Over to you! 

If you still prefer the old Facebook design, then share your reasons with us in the comment section below. 

However, we urge you to embrace the new Facebook look, as there might be other interesting features you might be missing.

Don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues who might be interested in knowing why Facebook were right to hit F5 and refresh. 

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