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AI Revolution: Protecting Your Cyber Future

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Here, I will talk about the AI revolution and how to protect your cyber future.

Cyber security has been around for many years in some form or another but has in recent years significantly increased in complexity and efficacy, and now, with AI (artificial intelligence) coming to the forefront, who knows the possibilities we can achieve?

So what is cyber security, and why do we need it?

In simple terms, it is the process of protecting networks, operating systems, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks carried out by cybercriminals are done so with the intent to gain access to personal information and corporate data and to change and ultimately destroy sensitive information.

Those who are successful then use that data as leverage to extort large corporations for money, or they will either leak the information or disrupt business operations to an extent that will be detrimental to the firm.

This is a headache. You don’t want to walk into work Monday morning, so rather than trying to find a solution, get ahead of the game and be sure your cybersecurity is up to date.

Challenges being faced in the cybersecurity industry

The impact of artificial intelligence in business, like with all things, comes with its pros and cons, but the former seemingly outweighs the latter and can only improve going forward.

Cyber security, in general, is not without its issues or concerns, and as an industry of its own, it also faces sometimes unthinkable challenges we need to overcome, prevent, or manage.

Some of the things to be concerned about when running a large corporation is that cyberattacks can occur on a large surface scale, often gaining access to data from multiple entry points, which means finding the source is significantly tricky.

And with that also comes the fact that hundreds of devices are used in these large organizations, and they all need protecting, the scale is monumental.

We are also aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of attack vectors where cyber criminals can get in and exploit what they find.

Challenges being faced in the cybersecurity industry

The biggest issue that is becoming increasingly evident is that we are limited in the number of highly skilled or qualified personnel to handle the growth and efficacy of attacks, and often, the data can easily surpass the human intelligence capacity and make sense of the information is seemingly impossible.

Thankfully, we no longer need to do it alone. Artificial Intelligence has given us a helping hand by maximising security implementations and minimizing man-hours for tedious tasks.

Let’s dive in further and see how AI's evolution is changing how operations utilize their security systems with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Is AI more helpful than harm?

Is AI more helpful than harm

If you were ever daunted by the use of AI in business, you would not be alone, but those who have taken the leap of faith have succeeded. In fact, you can use AI to protect your cyber future.

We have curated a list of positives of how AI can benefit your firm and offer the protection you need in the ever-evolving cyber world.

Continuously learning

AI has a constant deep learning process with high-level analytics which allows it to improve and update its detection habits constantly, therefore, hackers have a tough time keeping up with or trying to outsmart its intelligence.

Identification and data handling

Knowing which threats are recurring or that are new can be overwhelming for any human to manage, AI can quickly sort through those attacks or threats that are new and prevent them from gaining access. AI can also quickly sort through the vast amount of traffic coming into the company by streamlining processes, identifying threats, and enhancing protection.

Improved overall security

It is no secret that hackers continually try to change up their tactics to avoid being caught, but with AI in the mix, it can help to detect all sorts of attacks often defending off multiple issues at once.

It also rules out the risk of human intervention or human error where mistakes can quickly spiral out of control. Unfortunately, AI involves no emotion and never tIres, something humans cannot achieve.

Accelerated detection and Securing Authentication

The quick detection response from artificial intelligence means you can tackle a situation immediately and implement preventative measures.

Companies that offer user account features are also increasingly at risk; AI has security walls where fingerprint, CAPTCHA, and facial recognition login options make it that much more difficult for fraudulent users to log in under false information.

At the end of the day

We are undoubtedly living in a world where artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the norm, and fighting against it may just be more of a negative than a positive.

But, by embracing AI for your cybersecurity needs you utilize its machine learning, never tiring on tedious tasks skills and make them work for you and the protection of your business.

Now, you should be able to protect your cyber future.


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