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The History Of Online Gambling And How It Has Developed Over The Past 20 Years

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In this post, I will talk about the history of online gambling and how it has developed over the past 20 years.

Gambling is one of the popular hobbies among people from various parts of the world. So many good and bad things have been connected with gambling throughout its history that it’s still a very controversial issue for the authorities.

The development of the Internet and other computer technologies brought progress to the gambling area. Online gambling took the leading role in the hearts of punters. Let’s find out more about the history of the issue and the stages of Internet gambling development.

The Development of Internet Gambling

The exploration of IT technologies by the gambling industry started as soon as those technologies began evolving. It was a natural process and an answer to the demands of millions of gamblers. The necessity to occupy the Internet space was connected to several reasons:

  • People became too busy to visit land-based venues regularly
  • Gambling was banned or limited in many countries
  • It was too expensive to travel to the existing real-life casinos (and conform to the required apparel style).

The process of iGaming formation was a bit different in various countries. Even today, the laws and situations with gambling vary across the world.

To understand the main issues of Internet gambling development, it’s required to observe its history in top countries. 

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History Of Online Gambling In The United States

History Of Online Gambling In The United States

The history of online gambling in the United States began with the websites offering the corresponding services. The first ones were established in the middle of the 1990s. Among the platforms, we can mention Planet Poker and ParadisePoker, launched in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

After that, more online clubs were formed, leading to more massive spreading. 2003-2006 were the years of a poker boom. It was probably connected with many new venues that had been established. Besides, the number of poker players kept increasing year by year.

The first software for Internet casinos was developed in 1994 by Microgaming. And the first bets were made with it in 1996. During that time, the club could offer almost 20 games. Soon after that, more concerns about the security issue appeared.

As a result, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was organized, which also had an impact on the history of online gambling in Canada. The organization became accountable for licensing and regulation of gambling platforms. The industry experienced massive growth. By the end of 1997, the number of Internet gambling platforms of various types reached 200.

The development of the industry gave birth to many concerns connected with the legality of the issue and its impact on society. As a result, gambling became more prohibited. The UGEA Act prohibited Internet gambling in 2006. The act influenced the payment operations on the sites, so many of them had to close down or exclude US punters from their lists.

In 2011, there was a well-known case when the government accused 3 popular poker clubs of fraud and illegal schemes to make payments. From that moment, it became clear that the authorities wanted to prosecute everyone dealing with online games and gambling. Three top platforms stopped their activity on the US territory.

Nevertheless, the industry kept prospering despite of the restrictions. Internet gambling wasn’t fully prohibited in the country. As a result, new operators (including international ones) have appeared. 

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History Of Online Gambling In The UK

History Of Online Gambling In The UK

The UK is another huge gambling market, and its development deserves attention. The first Internet casino was formed in 1994. However, it could offer only a few basic options to punters. Just a few years passed before over 200 new gambling clubs appeared on the UK territory.

The history of online gambling in the UK was unchangeable until 2005. That year, a special act was issued, which made the industry legal and took it under the control of the government. In 2007, the act took effect, leading to the growth of the area, which reached over 8 billion GBP in market value in 2008.

Today, any gaming club registered in the country's territory should be licensed by the UKGC. There are strict requirements for the candidates to make online gambling secure and high-quality.

Their gaming facilities usually have fewer generous bounties and can offer not so advanced games. However, UK punters still have a chance to play at the majority of international casinos to enjoy online slots free spins and other extras.

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Pros of Internet Gambling Development

The described countries as well as many other states in the world can now enjoy a comfortable experience offered by Internet casinos. Reputable platforms offer not just advanced games created with the latest technologies but also mobile versions of their sites or apps to download on the device.

Consider the benefits of online gambling development:

Game collectionThere’re many diverse games of various types presented at Internet casinos. They are characterized by interesting options and amazing graphics.
ComfortIt’s possible to play at home, in transport, during the break, etc.
Great choiceThere’re many clubs available. So punters can choose the most suitable one.
BountiesGamblers can enjoy free spins, extra funds, and even real prizes.
Low priceCompared to land-based clubs, there’s no need to dress up, travel to a certain location, and spend lots of money on additional services. Just make the smallest replenishment or even play for free at an Internet casino.


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Online gambling (as well as real-life gambling) has always been a controversial issue. Like many other pleasant things in life, it has positive and negative sides. However, it is a nice way to pass the time – it’s just important to play responsibly.

Internet gambling is an amazing thing, which makes such a way of entertainment more accessible and comfortable.

Thus, more punters can try their luck, train their skills, and even win extra money. remember that it’s vital to choose only reliable gaming facilities with an official license and security measures applied.


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