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Hacker leaks over 23 million user data on Webkinz World

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Ganz, the Canadian toy making company has suffered a hack attack on one of their online games called Webkinz World. This version of children's game was introduced online from the list of the Ganz Plush toys in 2005 with a feature that allows game lovers to play any of their Plush toys in a virtual form by inserting code from their Plush toy on the Webkinz World website.

According to Under The Breach, the popular and one of the most successful online game app for children in about 10 years now which can be accessed both on Android and iOS had its data breached by an unknown hacker, exposing part of the database which is about 1 GB worth of files with more than 23 million user details like the email addresses and their MD5 algorithm-encrypted passwords on the dark web for sale.

Access was obtained to the Webkinz World’s database with an SQL injection vulnerability available on the website’s form. The breach has been known online as far back as April 18th, but Webkinz has yet to disclose how the breach happened even though the spokesperson for Webkinz stated that they are aware of the breach but have been able to rectify the vulnerability.

One of the security method Webkinz have concluded in using to further prevent data breaches in the future is to achieve the login details of an account seen to be inactive for up to 18 months and to also delete accounts seen to be inactive for up to 7 years on the platform.

How this will stop hackers from preying on the top-rated children's gaming platform is yet to be understood by many cybersecurity experts but we will keep a tab on this.

This incident has once more shown the world that cybercriminals are all bent in ensuring they breach as much sensitive information available online as possible, it’s now left to all internet players to keep improving on their security apparatus and for service providers online to update and upgrade their online products and services in other to be one step ahead of malicious attacks from cybercriminals.

SecureBlitz once more advises internet users to continuously change their passwords to more complicated ones, however, hackers will attempt to breach any system or passwords available either with a password cracker or through brute force method, it’s advisable to avoid the use of similar email and password combination for all your online accounts and introduce the multi-factor authentication model for better online protection.


Marie Beaujolie
Marie Beaujolie
Marie Beaujolie is a computer network engineer and content writer from Paris. She is passionate about technology and exploring new ways to make people’s lives easier. Marie has been working in the IT industry for many years and has a wealth of knowledge about computer security and best practices. She is a regular contributor for SecureBlitz.com, where she writes about the latest trends and news in the cyber security industry. Marie is committed to helping people stay safe online and encouraging them to take the necessary steps to protect their data.


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