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Girard Perregaux: A Combination Of Elegance And Opulence

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Is Girard Perregaux a combination of elegance and opulence? Some people neglect the importance of a wristwatch in the present year because some of us are already content with what their mobile phone can offer them. Believe it or not, some of us don’t wear wristwatches anymore because they are more focused on upgrading their mobile devices, which are not a long-term investment.

To have a long-term investment, instead of buying new phones, try to buy accessories like an expensive wristwatch. You see, a wristwatch never goes out of style, and finding the right one for your preference is a long-term investment. Seek for those brands who have already proven their existence in the market like the Girard Perregaux. 

The Remarkable Girard Perregaux   

This remarkable brand of watches is one of the world’s leading Swiss watch manufacturers globally and is considered one of the oldest since they began their company in 1971. Since then, the Girard Perregaux watches are considered one of the most famous luxury watches with its high-quality timepiece and unique, elegant designs.

The company continuously hires professional artisans that create different unique designs that would perfectly fit their market preference, exceeding their customer’s expectations. They are famous for their Laureato, Vintage, Cat’s eye, 1966, bridges, and men and women's collections. Below is one of the newest released watches for your reference. 

The Girard Perregaux Model 81020-11-131-11A

This model of watch belongs to the famous Laureato collection. It has an extraordinary appearance that is very recognizable. This beautiful watch offers high-quality functioning. They make the whole watch of premium stainless steel material in silver color. The hour marker and indexes have a blue and white color that would enhance its white dial.

The watch is automatic and can change the time by itself, depending on your time zone. On its dial, it doesn’t only feature its hours but also the minutes and seconds of it, and it is created with a water-resistant feature that can survive up to 100 meters. The selling price of this watch is now at $11,199.

The Girard Perregaux Model 81020-11-631-11A

This Girard Perregaux watch is perfectly handcrafted by professionals just for men. The whole watch is made of stainless steel with a black dial in the middle and three subdials colored in blue that give a sophisticated look even from afar. They used a sapphire glass for its crystal with a round shape.

The indexes of this watch have a dot or stick style that looks sporty yet classy. This is an automatic watch with a 25.95 mm diameter, and you can track the hour, minutes, and seconds carefully. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. The selling price of this sporty yet elegant watch is now at $10,299.

The Girard Perregaux Model 81020-11-631-BB6A

This watch is one of the stunning watches in the Laureato series, with a unique style crafted perfectly for men. This watch features a black high-quality alligator strap, a stainless steel case, and a black-toned dial that perfectly matches its alligator leather strap. The material used for its crystal is sapphire, which makes it scratch resistant. 

This analog-type dial watch has a stick and dot style of hour markers inside of its dial colored in blue, same with its subdials showing the minute and seconds. The watch is created to be automatic that can shift its time from one time zone to another on its own. The back of this watch is covered with high-quality stainless steel together with its bracelet.

This watch is designed perfectly for business meetings, conference attires, and even for different occasions. You can also wear this watch at the beach, for it has a water-resistant feature of up to 100 meters. If you want to own this watch, they are now selling it at $9,999.

The Girard Perregaux Model 49555-11-433-BH6A

This timepiece is made of excellence and is part of the Earth to sky collection of Girard Perregaux that would be part of your collection. This watch has a stainless steel case colored in dark grey with a case covered with a sapphire crystal that would make it scratch proof.

This watch’s straps are created out of alligator leather, making it durable and long-lasting and won’t easily be worn out. It has a unique smokey blue dial in the middle with a stick designed hour marker and hands that gives an elegant and sophisticated look that can turn heads inside a room. The price of this beauty is now at $7,299.


If you’re looking for a high-quality and high definition design of watches and a brand that has already built its reputation,  try getting a Girard Perregaux. Their stunning, elegant, and luxurious watches are long-lasting and can easily fit in indifferent fashion statements. All of their watches are worth buying for your collection.

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