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Exclusive Interview With Auctify’s Co-founders

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In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Auctify's Co-founders – Hisham El-Halabi, Founder & CTO, and Arthur Nguyen-Cao, Chairman and CEO.

Interestingly, Auctify recently launched the Auctify Specs, an AI smart glass aiming to boost productivity, securely and safely.

From a security perspective, Auctify Specs offers secure data encryption without servers. All of Auctify’s machine-learning algorithms are run securely on the user’s smartphone hardware, so their sensor data never leaves their device.

Likewise, we delved into the biggest challenges of smart glass data security, the future of smart glass security and privacy, and lessons learned for manufacturers on how Google Glass didn’t succeed because of privacy reasons.

Hisham El-Halabi, Founder and CTO Arthur Nguyen-Cao, Chairman and CEO

Here Are Auctify's Co-founders (Hisham El-Halabi & Arthur Nguyen-Cao) Responses To Our Questions

Can you tell us more about Auctify?

Hisham El-Halabi:

Auctify Specs are the world’s first productivity-boosting smart glasses that equip users to focus on the things that matter most. Auctify Specs uses computer vision, machine learning software, advanced encryption, and proven methods in psychology to help users improve focus, work habits, and behaviors.

Google Glass had privacy issues. What is Auctify doing to change the public’s perception of smart glasses’ data security and privacy?

Hisham El-Halabi:

At Auctify, user data privacy is one of our top priorities, which is why we ensure our users know exactly what is happening to their data. All raw sensor data collected by Specs is encrypted and sent securely over Bluetooth to the user’s phone, which is decrypted and processed by our machine-learning models directly on their phone’s hardware. The raw data never leaves your phone, so it would be physically impossible for someone to access it without breaking into their phone and decrypting it. 

What’s the future hold for smart glass security and privacy?

Arthur Nguyen-Cao:

The data collected by smart glasses must be handled to protect the privacy of the user and the people around them. The former is accomplished by informing the user and giving them full control over the use of their data.

Google Glass raised several privacy concerns because there was no indication of when the onboard camera was being used, so people feared they were being recorded whenever they saw someone wearing Glass. In general, to protect the privacy of those around the user, smart glasses should clearly indicate when a user is recording with the camera (such as an LED activating when the camera is on).

With Auctify Specs, the camera is used for the sole purpose of activity tracking, the user cannot use it to capture images or videos manually.

Auctify Product Specs

Out of all of Auctify Specs' features, what's your favorite feature, and why?

Hisham El-Halabi:

Specs have a lot of cool features, but what we love most is its core functionality in tracking and improving productivity. Like most people, we struggle with procrastination, so we couldn’t be more excited to have a tool to help us optimize our day finally.

With it being cybersecurity month, what’s one tip you’d like to provide to our readers?

Arthur Nguyen-Cao:

One of the best ways to improve your cybersecurity, is simply to be aware of who you are giving access to your data, and what it is being used for. Familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of companies that have access to your information to decide if you’re comfortable with what you are sharing with them.

For this interview, we thank Auctify's co-founders for their time.

CHECK OUT: Auctify Official Website

Note: This was initially published in November 2020, but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.


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