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Full eM Client Review

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If you are looking for the complete eM email client review, here is your best guide.

Individuals and businesses use email servers across the world. There are many email servers available. So people have a wide range of options to choose from. Just as there are email servers, there are also email clients.

These are third-party platforms via which people can easily access their mailboxes. They allow sending and receiving of mail just as email servers would. In this article, our interest is on one of these email clients – the eM Client. This em Client review forces on its functionality, price, benefits, features and more for those interested in making use of it.

What is eM Client?

The eM Client software is alternative software for accessing your mailboxes. It was developed in 2006 but officially released in November 2007. The software is available on Windows and macOS desktop platforms.

With eM Client, one can send emails, receive emails, manage contacts, tasks, and calendars. It is an e-mail client and also software for personal information management.

Benefits of eM Client

Want to know why you should be using the eM Client software? Below are some benefits it offers;

  • Easy access to mails: With software such as eM Client, you gain easy access to all your emails. You would not need to visit the mail server to access your mailbox. Everything can be accessed via eM Client, and you can connect multiple emails into one account.
  • Save your time: With all your emails in one place; you will waste no time finding any particular mail. The eM Client software lets you search for mail using advanced search capabilities to bring up the ideal result. It also lets you effectively manage your mail contacts so you won’t waste time finding anyone when needed.
  • Easy set up: Most email clients do have very complicated setup processes. It is not the same for eM Client as setting up the software on your device is easy. It is a straight forward process that you will waste no time in doing. You can also easily add any of your mail accounts.
  • Easy to use: The eM Client software has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. It is an all-white display with orange highlights, and each mail section is arranged accordingly. You would hardly face any problems with navigation as it is well labelled. Also, you can set the language to any language you understand.
  • No data loss: one significant benefit of using eM Client is that you won’t lose any data or information contained in your mail. The software has a backup tool that backs up your data for future retrieved. You can backup manually at any time or set it to backup automatically.
  • Keep information safe: the eM Client software keeps data and information contained in your mail safe. It uses top-notch encryption to protect sent and received emails. How is it possible? It is through a keypair sharing process. It ensures that only the sender and receiver can access the contents of a particular mail.

The Key Features 

Below are the key feature review of eM Client that makes it a reliable email client software includes;

  • Mail support

    eM Client is a mail client software, so its major feature is mail support. It supports major email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and others. Adding any of these emails into an eM Client account is easy. All it requires is just the mail address and password.

  • Quick Import

    the eM Client quick import feature lets users import data and information from their mailboxes. Once signed in, the software will automatically import data from your email client and make them accessible via the platform. Data and information can be imported from clients such as Outlook, ThunderBird, Windows Mail, and others.

  • Full Customization

    the software can be customized to meet user preferences. One can customize the software’s interface and overall behaviour on different scales. It features different themes for different appearances that can be fully customized. Among the featured themes is a standout Dark theme which is ideal for users with low vision.

  • Unique Sidebar

    inside the eM Client environment is a unique sidebar that provides information and previews of different activities. It works as shortcut access and helps users save time. Services featured on the sidebar include contact information, mail history, mail attachments, chat, and agenda. A click is all that is needed to access these from the unique sidebar.

  • Fast Search

    this software features a super-fast search for users to find any content they are looking for. This feature allows you to customize your search for efficient results using tags and filters. The super-fast nature ensures that the results are generated very quickly.

  • Localization

    the eM Client software is localized in various languages so almost anyone can make use of it. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. Also in Korean, Swedish, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Polish. Norwegian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hungarian, Danish, and Slovak.

  • Backup Tool

    need to backup data and information in your mailboxes; eM Client lets you do just that. It features a backup tool for efficient backing up of mail data and information. You have an option to set the backup automatically or manually at any time. It backups even when the software is running so it does not affect your activities.

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eM Client review Pricing

eM Client has a free and pro version. The free version attracts no fee. However, it has limited features and tools. Users can only add a maximum of 2 mail accounts. There is also no professional support for the free version. Also, one cannot use the free version for commercial purposes.

To be able to access all of the eM Client features, one would need to pay for a pro version. The pro version allows users to add an unlimited number of mail accounts. There is also professional support available. One can use the pro version for commercial purposes. The price of the eM Client pro version is at $19.95.

eM Client Compatibility

The eM Client software is available for download on Windows and macOS desktop operating systems. It is compatible with the following servers;

  • G Suite (Gmail, Hangouts, and others)
  • iCloud
  • MS Office 365
  • MS Exchange
  • IceWrap
  • SmarterMail
  • Kerio
  • MDaemon
  • ThunderBird


While we conclude this eM Client review, you should know that the features of eM Client make it a distinguished email client software. One can choose to go free or pro for access to all features. The software is compatible with different servers, and it is straightforward to use. 

Amaya Paucek
Amaya Paucek
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