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Best System Optimization Tools for 2020

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In 2020 System optimization tools keeps getting better. This is to get rid of junk files such as duplicated files, redundant programs, unimportant PC registry keys, and other components not useful to the PC has become paramount.

Having a PC optimization tool frees up space and enable your PC to boot faster by cleaning up junks from your PC, carrying out other tasks beneficial to the health of your PC, and improving your system's performance.

Benefits of using a system optimization tool

  • It cleans up your system's registry by automatically deleting all unnecessary registry files and keys
  • System optimization tool frees up space in your hard drive by Deleting all redundant programs and junk files from your system
  • It also fixes OS errors
  • Some optimization tools can detect and remove malware from your computer
  • PC optimization tools can detect hardware faults and notify about the faults
  • It controls startup programs and other system processes by enabling it to disable rarely-used startup programs

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The best system optimization tools for 2020

Avira System Speedup Pro for Windows

AVIRA System Speedup is one of the best optimizer tools for Windows. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to clean up your system and optimize your system boot time with a single click.

Therefore, with Avira System Speedup Pro, you can stop all unneeded startup programs from running during system bootup. Also, Avira System speedup notifies you of programs that slow down system startup.

Avira System Speedup Pro speeds up your system by performing a system scan to clean up your system cache, temp files, internet junk, and other accumulated junk data to free up storage space on your system.

Subscribing to the Avira System Speedup Pro entitles you to the following benefits

  • Disk and registry optimization
  • Advanced startup optimization
  • Access to 30 premium tune-up tools
  • Automated system optimization
  • Game booster
  • Ad-free services
  • There is also 24/7 customer support

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Norton Computer Tune-Up

Norton Computer Tune UP from Symantec is a time-proven system optimizer tool that lets your old, clogged up computer run like a new computer by using the following features

  • Multi-point inspection and repair service for restoring speed and performance
  • Remote access technology that connects you to Norton’s certified engineers all-round-the-clock from any part of the world. Norton's technicians take approximately 35 minutes to fix your system and also send you a detailed report of your computer.
  • Advanced optimizer tool for optimizing your system’s settings and improving its startup speed and performance

Benefits of using Norton Computer Tune-Up

  • It restores your old system and enhances its performance
  • Easy access to Norton’s certified technicians
  • There is also a 24/7 customer service support
  • It is cheaper to use Norton’s PC optimizer tool
  • It is also easy to understand the summary report from Norton
  • Above all, it works both on PC and Mac

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Piriform CCleaner Professional

Piriform CCleaner is one of the oldest PC optimizer tools quite effective at cleaning parts of your system that can't be cleaned using any of the free PC optimizer tools available.

CCleaner has a free version that takes care of necessary PC cleaning, such as deleting browser caches and unwanted cookies, temporary files, unwanted programs, etc. However, the paid version performs more than just necessary cleaning by protecting your PC in real-time and also scheduling system cleaning.

Benefits of using CCleaner

  • CCleaner speedup your system performance by freeing up more disk space
  • It removes all errors and broken settings from your PC
  • It protects your privacy by deleting and erasing tracker cookies and history
  • Monitors your PC in real-time
  • Schedules cleaning
  • CCleaner updates itself automatically when an update is available

Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius

Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius is quite an extraordinary PC cleaner that lets you boot your system from a USB device or other removable storage media, diagnose and fix all issues causing freezing in your PC.

Also, it has more than forty PC tools you can use to repair corrupt Windows, fix booting errors, recover data from your PC, clone your disk drive, etc.

Besides, you can also use Tenorshare to delete data beyond recovery from your computer permanently. Hence, with Tenorshare, you can remove any data securely from your system.

Benefits of using Tenorshare

  • Tenorshare can create ISO image on removable storage devices to boot up your system from a black screen, blue screen, loading screen, Restarting screen, and other issues preventing your computer from completing the bootup process
  • You can also recover lost, damaged, or deleted data from your PC using Tenorshare
  • Repair crashed MBR, corrupt registry, etc.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is an all-in-one PC optimizer tool for handling and managing your hard drive.

As a hard drive manager, Paragon lets you manage disk partitioning, restore backup, migration, booting processes, Windows recovery, etc.

Besides, you can also carry out a backup of your emails, documents, partitions, hard drives, etc.

Benefits of using Paragon Hard Disk Manager

  • You can resize, copy, move, or merge disk partitions without losing data
  • You can additionally improve system performance by optimizing disk partitions
  • Paragon can recover lost partitions from allocated space, and also align SSD partitions correctly
  • Also, Paragon free up storage space by deleting all junk files to optimize your PC performance

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Noteworthy, the system optimization tools I have reviewed above will provide you with a budget-friendly PC optimization to manage your PC for 2020. Therefore, try improving your system bootup process, and performance.


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