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4 of the Most Secure Email Service Providers

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Sometimes in our lives, we need to send anonymous emails. You may be an activist trying to report anonymously to the government. You may also be a journalist writing about sensitive topics, in fact, you may want to send an email containing really sensitive information like passwords, bank details, etc.

When this happens, strong encryption of the email is not enough. What you need is a truly anonymous email service provider. In this article, you’re going to learn about five secure email service providers you will find on the internet in no particular order.

Most Secure Email Service Providers

You can find many email service providers on the internet. Though, they all advertise anonymity and secure emails, some spy on your emails and save your IP.

However, these are some of the best email service providers that guarantee anonymity.

  1. Tutanota

Tutanota promises on its homepage to provide secure emails for everyone. Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption for emails sent by their users. You can also send an encrypted email to a non-user but they will need a password to decrypt them.

Besides, Tutanota is popular among cybersecurity experts and it seems they provide what they promise. Tutanota encrypts your message, your email, everything, and even your IP. So next time you’re sending an email, think Tutanota.

  1. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is one of the older email service providers which is used by people who act fast. This is because all emails sent with Guerrilla Mail only last for an hour.

Guerrilla Mail lets you send emails with free emails that are disposed of once it’s used.

They also have a feature called “scramble” that allows you to create a random email address that will be disposed of as soon as it is used. To send anonymous emails that won’t make you traceable, use Guerrilla Mail.

  1. Proton Mail

Proton Mail promises a secure email service with zero-knowledge policy, which means that even Proton Mail can’t read your emails. That’s what’s called encryption.

Also, Proton Mail uses PGP encryption to encrypt your emails before they are sent.

A downside of this platform is that the subject lines and metadata are not encrypted. However, you shouldn’t enter any personal information there either.

  1. Hush Mail

As the name implies, Hush Mail provides facilitates anonymous Email services. To create an Hushmail account, you don’t need to provide any personal information and they use a powerful encryption system to make sure your emails are safe.

Another reason why this email service provider should be used is that any of your information is not logged and you don’t have to fear your information could be snooped on the internet.

Before You Use an Email Service Provider

Before you use any anonymous email service provider, it will be great to read reviews and read their terms and conditions carefully. Check what part of your information is logged and see if you’re comfortable with it. If you’re not, you’re advised to find another.


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