FeaturesWhat Are CATI Telephone Investigations?

What Are CATI Telephone Investigations?

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What are CATI telephone investigations? What is the CATI method? Read on to find out…

Every company needs to perform various analyses to see if it is doing well. The considerations are made above all on the level of customer satisfaction if they return to buy, or if they prefer to turn to competitors.

The best market research is done through surveys or questionnaires that address the customer in person, asking them for an evaluation of a product or service, customer service, and much more.

In cybersecurity, market research is vital, and surveys are a valuable tool. This section explores the role of surveys in collecting data to assess customer satisfaction and preferences.

Surveys can be carried out in different ways; the most used are online surveys and telephone interviews recorded with CATI software, which involves entering the answers into an automated program.  

The term “CATI” translates as: Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and indicates a method that uses telephone interviews, in which the interviewer reads the interviewee's questions and records the answers on specific software.

This survey method is considered very useful because it is not necessary to hire a specialized person; the employees of the marketing department can manage the questionnaires independently since the software is easy to use and there is no need to process the data.

CATI Method: A Cybersecurity Perspective

Surveys can be carried out in different ways, one of which is through telephone interviews recorded with CATI software. This involves entering the answers into an automated program. This section delves into the CATI method and its relevance in cybersecurity.

Decoding CATI: Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing

The term “CATI” translates as: Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and indicates a method that uses telephone interviews, in which the interviewer reads the interviewee's questions and records the answers on specific software. In this subsection, we break down what CATI stands for and how it works.

How The CATI Method Works

How The CATI Method Works

The CATI method was born during the seventies in the United States and then spread all over the world. Telephone interviews are especially suitable for B2B targets, as they can be planned based on the availability of the interviewees.

This method was promoted to eliminate all factors that reduce the quality of data collected through traditional telephone interviews. Thanks to the use of CATI software, operations can be facilitated processes more fluidly and faster without having to invest too many resources.

It is, therefore, a good investment for any company that wants to do market research and involve different targets.

 Putting this method into practice is very simple: a sample is extracted from the list of names to be interviewed, setting parameters to be followed during the extraction.

If you also want to include those who are not on the list, you can rely on the random generation of numbers, which are divided according to geographical areas.

Not all people appreciate receiving telephone interviews, so it is always best to ask for their consent. During the interview, the questionnaire can be read from the computer monitor to the interviewer, who will enter the answers quickly.

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The Main Advantages Of The CATI Method

The Main Advantages Of The CATI Method

Although the online mode is most appreciated today for doing online questionnaires, telephone interviews can still work if they are used in the right way. A company can obtain several advantages using the CATI method:

  • Optimization of the timing of telephone interviews and data collection thanks to the use of specific software;
  • direct contact between interviewer and interviewee, there are no misunderstandings or incorrect answers since any doubts can be clarified immediately;
  • more efficient work performed in real-time, without having to involve other figures within the company;
  • saving money because there are no large operating costs;
  • customer evaluation that is reliable and useful for the growth of the company;
  • better response rate, especially in the B2B sector.

The Use Of The CATI Method In Customer Satisfaction

Before choosing the CATI method to conduct investigations, it is necessary to understand in which sector to use it. In fact, in some cases, it is not recommended, especially when the target is very young, while it is appreciated more in customer satisfaction.

Thanks to this method, it is possible to measure the degree of satisfaction with the products, services, and user experience.

The data that is extracted is very important because it helps the company to focus on customer loyalty, allowing the marketing team to create targeted strategies. A company should use CATI surveys if it wants to have an in-depth assessment of:

  • customer satisfaction with a particular product or service;
  • customer support and shopping experience;
  • launch of a new product/service;
  • market research on a particular niche;
  • what customers think of competitors;
  • problems on the website, in the shop, or in the purchase of products or services.

Interviewing customers directly allows you to get honest and valid answers. In this way, changes can be made in the company and meet customer requests, so as to make them happier and more satisfied.

The Use Of The CATI Method In Customer Satisfaction

The analysis of competitors should always be taken into account to analyze what their strengths and shortcomings are in order to be able to offer a better product, a lower price, and a more attentive service.

The main advantages of the CATI method are: the possibility of interviewing people who are difficult to reach by other means, being able to use professional tools for quality control, but also efficiency, speed, and minimal costs.

Thanks to this method of telephone interviews, companies can collect a lot of data, avoid errors through the use of professional software, and optimize times. Usually, the CATI method is used in large numbers, especially to make surveys that are repeated over time.


In conclusion, I will say that CATI is a valuable tool for cybersecurity organizations to collect accurate data and gain insights into customer satisfaction, competitive analysis, and user experience.

Its global adoption and versatility make it a promising solution for fortifying cyber defences and improving customer relationships.


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