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UK’s electricity system gets hit by cyber-attack but no blackouts

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Despite being the victim of a recent cyber-attack, UK’s electricity system, Elexon has been able to keep the lights on using cybersecurity measures.

The IT infrastructure at Elexon used in running the electricity market was hit by a cyber-attack on Thursday, 14th May, 2020. This is coming not long after reports of two hospital construction companies being hit by cyber-attacks. The event occured in the afternoon as confirmed by the electricity system’s administrator. Fortunately, the major electricity supply systems were not affected and so a total blackout was avoided. However, the cyber-attack still caused some inconveniences as none of the workers at Elexon was able to access their emails on that day.

An investigation is being carried out by the National Grid to check if the cyber-attack might affect the unit in charge of ensuring the light stays on. While commenting on the matter, the energy system operator spokesman made it known that robust cybersecurity measures were were put in place to ensure that the UK’s electricity system maintain electricity supply. “We’re aware of a cyber intrusion on Elexon’s internal IT systems. We’re investigating the matter and any potential impact on our own IT networks,”.

The role of Elexon in the UK electricity market cannot be over emphasized. The body is tasked with close monitoring of generated electricity from energy companies to ensure that they are in line with the standards of the National Grid. Elexon also ensures that the precise amount of money is paid to electricity generators based on the amount of electricity they generate.

Dominic Raab – Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs – has condemned the attacks along with other recent cyber-attacks on various companies and health organizations.The root cause of the cyber-attack has been identified by Elexon and currently, all hands are on-deck to fix the issue. CEO, Mark Bygraves revealed that Elexon is looking forward to how the coronavirus crisis can help in the journey to attaining more convenient working practices in the energy industry.


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