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5 Tips To Ensure Your Cybersecurity During Work From Home Era [WFH]

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In this post, we will show you 5 tips to ensure your cybersecurity in the Work From Home (WFH) era.

Survival amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus pushed people inside their houses. Work from home was barely the option left for gaining financial stability.

A new buzzword ‘the new normal’ has clutched the entire globe. The professional and personal lives seem to be permanently altered by the outbreak. Apparently, work from home is the cornerstone of the conversation. The fact that remote work has kept economic and business stable under the shelter-in-place regulation can’t be denied.

Work From Home: The Need For Cybersecurity

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The cyber-world has continued to be vulnerable since its inception, and the credit goes to the cybercrime world. The remote work scenario has brought almost everything on cloud-based technology. The cyberbullies now have a bigger sky to wander, and the risk of being hacked is substantial.

The current situation has scrambled us making work from home the new normal. The hackers are seeking the opportunity to capitalize on the outspread panic. The new COVID-19-themed scams are feeding on fear, taking-on the vulnerability and workplace disruption.

The foremost suggestion is to think very before clicking.

In any tempting link from the World Health Organization (WHO), or with positive information relating to cure for coronavirus can be a hacker’s bait understanding your anxiety amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In a rush to find out the supposed good news, one can inadvertently disclose professional and personal information. During these strange times, cybersecurity comes with a big question mark.

The superior grip on cybersecurity lies in our hands. By adopting a few ways, one can ensure that his/her personal and professional information is secure.

5 Tips To Ensure Your Cybersecurity In The WHF Era 

Here are some tips that would keep you away from the trouble while working from home (remote work).

  1. Adapt to quick and inexpensive layers

The first step towards cybersecurity is enabling multi-factor authentication. Wherever it is possible, it is highly recommended to add another security layer to the apps that are in use. In addition, a password manager can come handy as it would help in avoiding sharing or saving credentials. They are available in cost-effective packages.

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  1. Go private

A VPN solution for the laptop, PC, or mobile helps in creating an encrypted network connection. Adding the same thickens the protection shield, and thus, it should be encouraged. It keeps the access of IT resources safe and secure for the employees within the company or elsewhere if working remotely.

  1. Only use work devices

While communicating with the office peers use IT equipment assigned by the company/ employer. Often, there is an array of software installed in the company’s IT resources. The same can help in keeping the trouble away.

  1. Check Network Access

With inadequate security, the personal or even office devices used can bring security to a vulnerable level. In case, the b2b meetings are frequent, and the network access isn’t encrypted then the hackers would get an opportunity to cause substantial harm. Precisely, encrypted web connections would keep the troublemakers away.

  1. Encrypt emails

Emails that are end to end encrypted are hard to hack. Therefore, many companies have adopted the feature to keep their information. These days many companies provide training regarding cybersecurity and train their employees in encrypting emails.



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Fiorella Salazar
Fiorella Salazar
Fiorella Salazar is a cybersecurity expert, digital privacy advocate, and VPN evangelist based in Canada. She holds an M.Sc. in Cybersecurity from a Canadian university. She is an avid researcher and frequent contributor to several cybersecurity journals and magazines. Her mission is to raise awareness about the importance of digital privacy and the benefits of using a VPN. She is the go-to source for reliable, up-to-date information on VPNs and digital privacy.


  1. Thanks for the amazing tips, Fiorella! Its true that the pandemic has got everyone locked in their homes. It has also pushed everyone to work on their own systems which makes it easier for scammers to hack the systems. Thus, it becomes crucial to adopt security measures to ensure data protection from cybercriminals.

    In addition to the tips mentioned, businesses also have an option to opt for Security-as-a-Service feature that ensures high-end security of data with multi-factor authentication, multiple firewalls, identity protection, and much more.


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