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Swissbit launches miniaturized PCIe M.2 BGA SSD

Renowned independent European manufacturer of embedded Internet of Things (IoT) and storage solutions, Swissbit recently launched a miniaturized PCIe M.2 BGA SSD. This is a highly reliable SSS developed for use by ultra-small industrial applications. 

This chip device, known as EN-20, features a 4x PCIe interface and uses a low power single component SSD with a BGA size of just 3.2cm2  and an industrial-grade 3D NAND. In dimension, the chip measures 16 x 20mm with a 0.8mm pitch. It follows standard PCB routing guidelines. 

It is a high-speed performing device for ultra-small industrial applications like medical systems, factory automation, routers and switches, medical systems, and cloud computing.

The Swissbit EN-20 SSD has a 480 GB capacity. It supports -40°C to 85°C temperature range with and is connected to high-grade Flash chips. These are sophisticated firmware PCIe controllers that back high-resource consuming applications. 

With a PCIe 4 lane interface, this chip is compatible with single-lane systems or dual lane systems and it works in accordance with the most recent PCIe specification – the PCIe 3.1 specification. 

For read and write, it performs above 145,000 / 130,000 IOPS with a high 770 MB/s bandwidth for serial write and 1600 MB/s for serial read. Furthermore, the Swissbit EN-20 Chip is about capable of doubling SATA SSDs bandwidth. 

Despite its high-performance capability, the chop consumes very low power. Swissbit utilizes an HMB (Host Memory Buffer) instead of using a local DRAM cache. This HMB maintains the flash translation table using the system DRAM memory. 

For security, the chip is AES 256 encrypted with End-to-End Data Path Protection (ETEP). Also, it maintains data upon irregular power interruptions with a full-page fail recovery using LDPC error correction. 

Key industrial customers have already stated their interest in the Swissbit EN-20 and the upcoming Swissbit G-2” CFexpress™ cards will be powered by it. 


John Raymond

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