TutorialsIs Online Cyber Security Training Worth It?

Is Online Cyber Security Training Worth It?

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Here, we will answer the question – is online cyber security training worth it?

With growing concerns about the increasing cyber threats confronting organizations, government agencies, and individuals, numerous colleges and universities have established newly graduated degree programs in cybersecurity.

Whereas most of these programs were in their early stages, others were deliberately crafted with input from field professionals and local and national stockholders. The training from the cybersecurity experts helps the attendees with continuous improvement skills and an ability to conquer opponents from both conceptual and strategic standpoints.

Nowadays, these employers are often seeking an amalgamation of education and experience. However, a master's degree is not required for all jobs; the benefits of accruing a master's degree in cyberattacks involve better salaries, job stability, and extending professional opportunities, as per Tripwire.com. 

Nevertheless, not all cybersecurity learning is equal, so it is critical to be particularly selective when selecting a degree course. However, online cyber security training from a certified institute would help attain a bright future.

Now, we will explore whether online cyber security training is worth it in a more elaborate way.

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Is Online Cyber Security Training Worth It?

Below are some actual circumstances of what taking up cybersecurity training makes sensible. 

Having a cybersecurity degree is most equivalent to job security

Having a cybersecurity degree is most equivalent to job security

If there's ever an opportunity to initiate the field of cybersecurity, now it is. With the regularity and complexity of cyber threats rising, the supply of cybersecurity experts would be far outstripping supply. It implies that job prospects are pretty much guaranteed for qualified cybersecurity professionals.

As per Forbes, there will be 1.8 million cybersecurity job openings by 2022. Varonis predicts there will be 3.5 million job vacancies worldwide by 2021.

“The cybersecurity employment market is exploding.” Indigo Partners' chairman and senior leadership information security recruiter, Veronica Mollica, notified Forbes.com.”

Our applicants receive multiple offers from various companies, with wage increases averaging nearly 30%.” Current employers are clamoring to stay competitive, offering counter-offers such as 10% and salary increases to data security group members to keep them on the platform.

Earns high salaries in the global market

Due to a severe lack of skilled cybersecurity experts is one of the highest-paid tech industries, with a remuneration premium of 9% over I.T. job positions overall.

  • According to Ziprecruiter.com, the average annual salary for an entry-level Cyber Security Consultant is $82,565 per year.
  • According to Payscale.com, the median wage for a Cybersecurity Engineer is $96,478.
  • According to Indeed.com, the median income for an I.T. Security Professional is $96,152.
  • The average annual income for cybersecurity jobs in the United States is $94,716, as per Ziprecruiter.com.
  • As you advance up the information security professional growth, for instance, to Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), your potential earnings increase significantly.
  • In San Francisco, the top CISO salary is $380,000 as per forbes.com.
  • The average salary for CISOs and CISO equivalents in the U. S. is $273,033 as per the SecurityCurrent .com
  • The median basic pay for a Chief Information Security Officer in the United States is $217,768 as per www.salary.com.

To summarise, the cybersecurity employment prospects are excellent salaries and significant growth in the market. However, to place the best cybersecurity jobs only with top firms, you must have a diploma, and in cybersecurity, the greater the degree, the brighter.

Advanced Cybersecurity Investing Education is self-sustaining

Enrollment for a postgraduate program differs by school; however, the overall cost of a cybersecurity diploma will usually range between $20,000 and $70,000.

While it is a considerable investment, the payoff demonstrates that it is worthwhile. “If any college student questioned me about what profession would guarantee 30 years of consistent, well-paying jobs, I could well react, ‘cybersecurity,'” said Alec Ross, top consultant for advancement at the State Department, to the Washington Times.

Opportunities for cybersecurity experts are growing faster than in other industries

Opportunities for cybersecurity experts are growing faster than in other industries

Is online cyber security training worth it? As per the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the job market for cybersecurity professionals has increased by 31%. The BLS is described as “much quicker than (the) average” for many other occupations.

Although there are many possibilities and available jobs in cybersecurity, the educational qualification required to land such jobs could be substantial.

CyberSeek said a bachelor's degree was needed or favored by 25% of employers who hire for a data security architect position. However, there are numerous possibilities for those with the necessary experience and education, with job vacancies in almost each state and every industry, respectively private and public.

A master's program is often favored or needed for higher-level positions. 

So, here are the most prevalent cybersecurity job vacancies and career opportunities. 

Let's take a closer look:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst: This role might be an information security professional, an I.T. security consultant, or a senior security analyst. A cybersecurity analyst develops and implements measures to safeguard a firm's computer systems and networks. You could also contribute to developing a disaster recovery, which an I.T. dept will implement in the event of an infringement or safety emergency.
  • Security auditors collaborate with businesses and organizations to provide detailed audits of web security systems that generally provide a comprehensive description of legacy infrastructure, assessments of whether processes are running proficiently, and suggestions on procedure and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Cybersecurity Specialist: This role, also known as an information (I.T.) security specialist or network security expert, is critical to the safety of businesses and other organizations' data systems.
  • Cybersecurity Architect: The duties of this frequently senior-level position include planning, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining an organization's computer network security facilities.
  • Cybersecurity Consultants: As well recognized as security experts, security professionals, physiological security specialists, and employee security specialists, such consultants seem to be contract employees hired by businesses of all sizes to protect their systems, connections, and critical assets.
  • Network Administrator: One of the top ten tech jobs for 2020, this position's duties involve system security, order network infrastructure, customizing network services, and network debugging.
  • Penetration Tester: This job entails recognizing security flaws in programs and policies.

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Flexible Cybersecurity Training Programs

Flexible Cybersecurity Training Programs

Working adults require a lot of flexibility. The ability to earn a diploma while working a full-time job and caring for a family has also been demonstrated to be a chosen profession game changer for so many cybersecurity experts.

Many universities and colleges now provide options online, either hybrid programs or entirely online degree courses. Regarding flexibility, online learning provides significant benefits for students, such as reaching better security programs, faculty members, and academic institutions regardless of location, paying very little for materials, and interacting with other students from all over the country and its people.

Explore the basic skills such as management and leadership

The extra management and leadership training you would then obtain is among the most important advantages of obtaining a master's degree in information security. These companies' abilities aren't instructed as part of most innovative undergraduate programs. To progress in the field and land high-ranking leadership roles, you must have the qualities required, such as enthusiastic business experience. 

Possibilities for Networking Abound in Cybersecurity Degree Courses

Networking seems essential for everyone seeking to get the most from their master's degree. Since the graduate program draws communities of people with similar interests in particular fields, like cybersecurity, this is an ideal setting for networking with peer groups, alumni, and lecturers.

Graduate school ties could be highly beneficial not just when you are accomplishing your degree, besides providing additional knowledge, depth of understanding, and range of views, but also after graduation as users take a gander to initiate or improve your skills. 

Furthermore, the University of San Diego's online diploma program is designed to maximize interaction with senior faculty specialists and fellow cybersecurity experts nationwide. It is an excellent ability to engage with and gain knowledge from peer groups from across all industries of the cyber environment.

Financial rewards available to cybersecurity trainees

Financial rewards available to cybersecurity trainees

Because cybercrime experts are in high demand in the government and industry, various monetary incentives are being offered to all those who want to continue a cybersecurity diploma. The Center for Cyber Training and Safety awards benefits to all those entering the industry. Women in cybersecurity can apply for a variety of scholarship opportunities.

The United States government funds two significant scholarship programs: the Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) and the National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service (SFS).

In addition, Yellow Ribbon schools, like the University of San Diego, provide veterans financial assistance through annual scholarships paired dollar for dollar by V.A. In U.S. dollars, that equates to about $17,000 per year. 

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Cybersecurity Provides Diverse and Fascinating Opportunities

Some cybersecurity experts, for instance, are concentrating on using innovative approaches to target the processes they are trying to defend to identify security flaws that attackers might exploit. 

There's an increasing number of so-called bounty programs wherein talented white-hat attackers collaborate to interrupt unauthorized and dangerous attempts besides identifying and repairing flaws in information security defense systems.

A cybersecurity supervisor at global defense, managerial staff, and information systems consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton discusses setting a phony purposefully susceptible system. It serves as a “digital mousetrap” to entice cyber opponents, who start taking the lures and expose crucial data regarding their personalities, strategies, and aspirations.

Work in data security is valuable and critical 

Corporations across all businesses require strong cybersecurity defenses to protect them against unavoidable interferences of attackers, which can cost the company millions, if not billions, of dollars. However, the risks are higher than America's prospective security and safety, which will depend mainly on our ability to counter high-tech warfare waged with sophisticated computer software. 

Numerous cybersecurity experts, such as military veterans looking for new difficulties, are replying to the call. The National Institute for Cybersecurity Career Choices and Research at the Department of Homeland Security offers guidance, assistance, development tools, and training opportunities to veterans intrigued by cybersecurity.

Mentioning that demand for cybersecurity professionals is “rising 12 times faster than the current U.S. employment market,” attempting to make the field “among the most highly desirable professions within the nation.”

Generating an honors education in cybersecurity is not the end goal you'll have to dedicate to a regular learning graph throughout this fast-changing field. It can assist you in transitioning your expert path and boost your earning capacity while positively impacting the societal structure. 


In the above blog post, we discussed the key factors why taking up online cyber security training is worthy.

Have any doubts? Drop them in the comments section to clarify them.


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