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How To Organize Your Digital Life With

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Read on as I show you how to organize your digital life with, an intuitive virtual desktop software.

Basically, virtual desktop software empowers employees to work from anywhere by providing them with a virtual desktop that they can access from any device. Users no longer have to be locked away in their offices or cubicles to get their work done.

With virtual desktops, employees can log in from home, the local coffee shop, or even on vacation and still access all of their files and programs as if they were sitting at their desks.

Virtual desktops provide several benefits for businesses and their employees: They reduce IT management costs because there’s no longer a need for servers or network equipment. They also improve employee productivity by removing roadblocks to accessing files and programs from anywhere.

This review explores the features and benefits of virtual desktop software so you can decide if it’s right for your business.

What Is

Desktop com review - What Is is essentially a cloud solution for remote work, workspace management, project collaborations and teamwork. It is a digital life organizer that integrates organization, resources, collaboration, and management as a cloud-based solution. integrates essential tools and organizational features that include Password Manager, Identity Management, Multi-factor authentication, Chats, HD-quality video conferencing, and more.

To proceed with the review, let's show you its major benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Using

As a remote solution for managing online resources, organizing digital life and collaborative efforts, individuals and teams can enjoy the following benefits and more from

Managing digital life

A healthy work-life balance is maintained by keeping your digital life organized. Your digital life and devices represent your virtual life and office, where you spend most of your time as a remote worker. Hence, it is essential to keep your digital workspace organized for increased productivity and efficiency. 

You may consider using to clear all digital clutter from your digital workspace and organize your apps, tools, projects, and teams on your device and browser for easy access. In the process, you can achieve a high organizational standard and efficiency that guarantees productivity. 

Stay on the same page with your team

Teamwork improves productivity and guarantees success. Using to create multiple workspaceseach with its customized desktopallows users to stay in tune with team members and monitor projects based on categories or groups.

More so,’s integrated chat and HD-quality video conferencing features are invaluable tools that guarantee seamless communication and collaboration for increased efficiency.

Onboard and offboard members for workspace or desktops

As an admin, you can use’s friendly access control to add or remove team members from projects, workspaces, or desktops. This ensures that an added team member gets access only to the tools, resources, and information needed to get started.

Import content easily to your desktop makes it easy to import content to your desktop by using its drag-and-drop tool, browser plugin or adding content directly from 

You can easily select and add apps to your desktop from several app categories in's AppStore

Enjoy seamless app transition 

With's single sign-on and Password Management, you can enjoy seamless transitions across apps without logging in and out from one app to another.

Enjoy additional security layers’s Multiple Authentication and Domain Verification provide extra security layers for personal and team accounts.

Getting Started Using

Onboarding is as easy as falling off a log; the following steps will walk you through getting started with

  1. Get started by clicking here to select a plan of your choice.
  2. Create a account by filling out your personally identifiable information or using your Google, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft account.
  3. Complete your registration by choosing either a Free or Pro plan, and agree to's Ts & Cs.
  4. Tap the continue button to proceed to the payment page for the Pro plan.
  5. Fill in your credit card details to enjoy a 2-week free trial.
  6. Create a workspace by inputting your workspace name and URL, then proceed by clicking the blue customize icon.
  7. Select the apps you need to get started and click next to proceed. You can also add either a Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 platform to your workspace.
  8. Invite other team members, or you may skip this step in the meantime.
  9. Proceed to the workspace by clicking go to workspace.
  10. Set up your Desktop by choosing ‘invite people to chat', create a new desktop, import bookmarks and apps, make your first call, and much more.

Now, for this review, let's show you its key features.

What Are The Key Features Of

Collaborative Bookmark Manager

How To Organize Your Digital Life With Collaborative Bookmark Manager’s collaborative bookmark manager gives you easy access to information when and wherever you need it, and it ensures that data remains shareable amongst team members, especially when collaborating on a project, and also by making it easy to organize and share bookmarked links. 

You can organize all your bookmarks by tagging them for easy search and sharing among team members. If it's necessary, you can also arrange them into folders for easy access.

Additionally, you can view your bookmarks in preview mode, import bookmarks using’s browser plugin, and save links easily.

Shared Digital Workspaces and Desktops

Shared Digital Workspaces and Desktops's Shared Digital Workspace feature lets you create a digital workspace and desktop access for every team member.

Hence, you can eliminate digital clutter by having your apps, icons, and folders organized into a central location that unfolds with a single click, distributing tools and information across team members, picking up right from where you left off, and searching across your workspace to find anything effortlessly.

Third-party Integrations

Third-party Integrations has tons of third-party integrations that let you save time and achieve more. This eliminates the need to switch between accounts, making switching between apps seamless and providing your team with updated information on collaborations.

HD Video Conference 

HD Video Conference

Enjoy seamless, high-density video calls or conferences with your team members without installing a video call application. You can send private messages and share notes and links among participants during calls.

Other intriguing features you can enjoy are background, sound, and output quality controls, password conferencing, and screen sharing.



Stay in touch with your team even while on the go by communicating with them privately or in custom groups. An in-app feature like a Status indicator shows the status of your team members, whether online, offline or busy.

Also,'s Chat has a cross-app feature that lets you send messages to other cross-platform chat apps right from your desktop without the need to switch.

Passwords & Security

Passwords & Security's Password & Security feature secures your digital workspace whether you're working remotely or collaborating as a team.

Depending on your level of exposure, you can add extra security layers to secure your workspace and accounts with's security features, like SSL, to protect you from phishing, botnet, and malware infections. 

Moreover, you might as well add encryption technology to keep your files and communication secure, MFA to authenticate login attempts, SSO to improve access control, and Domain Verification to protect your workspace. App Store

Desktop com App Store

Add all your favourite apps with a single click right from's vast web app repository.

You can improve your productivity by finding any app using the App Store's advanced search and filter features or use the regular add button to add and share third-party apps not in's App Store with your team members while using the single sign-on feature to restrict access to apps on your workspace. Pricing

Desktop com Pricing

Starting from $8 per month and a 14-day trial, you will get more bang for your buck.

If you feel is not for you, the 14-day free trial gives you ample time to downgrade your subscription to the free version or exit at no financial cost.

How To Add A Custom App

Top Apps by Categories

  1. Go to your settingsworkspace, and click the custom apps button.
  2. Click Create a custom app at the top right of your screen.
  3. Fill up the following in the custom app window that pops up on your screen:
    • App name
    • App URL
    • Select a category
    • Inputting the app URL fetches the app image
    • Click the add application button to add a custom app.

Note: For this review, we tested the custom app functionality, and it worked perfectly.

How To Organize Your Digital Life With

If you're working remotely from home, you will be heavily reliant on your digital devices to get your work done; hence, you will need more applications than you normally need on a regular basis.

Your devices and desktops become your office space, and you're more likely to get cluttered with apps, files, folders, browsers, tabs, etc., all of which can result in more stress and less productivity.

By managing your remote work life with, you can improve your productivity, make more profit, cut out stress, and save time. Start organizing your life today by clicking the Get Started button to use the Desktop to organize your digital life.

How Do You Use to Manage Your (Remote) Work and Personal Life?

If you're working remotely, you will need to communicate effectively and, at the same time, ensure that you can retrieve data and information easily without compromising your privacy or security. helps you manage your remote work and personal life by helping you retrieve information fast, cut out on distractions, communicate seamlessly with your team members, and manage your space. This gives you control over your work and personal life.

Tips For Using To Organize Your Digital Life

1. Use the right app

Remote work depends on apps; hence, you must use the right app to get the job done. has a vast repository of apps you will need for remote work, and it also helps you define the specific uses of such apps. 

For instance, you can enjoy quick access to apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Zoom, and Slack.

2. Use a dedicated platform lets you create a dedicated workspace that is a one-stop shop for remote work. You can boost your productivity by organizing and managing your links, apps, projects, and teams from a central location. 

You can also switch easily between personal life and remote work with

3. Declutter your workspace

Use’s bookmark manager to declutter your browser tabs and tag links and to organize links into categories for easy sharing and retrieval of information amongst team members and devices.

4. Make communication easy

Communication plays a vital role in teamwork. With, you can boost productivity by effectively keeping in touch with your team members via's HD video conferencing and chat, getting fast responses and viewing your team members' status.

5. Organize your workspace helps you organize your workspace and improve productivity by giving you access to the right tools. It helps declutter your workspace, ensure seamless communication, and manage links, teams, and apps all from one location. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Safe to Use? 

To get it straight, is safe to use. It is a remote work solution that helps you organize your digital life to avoid digital clutter, improve communication amongst team members, and give you access to the right tools you need to boost productivity. secures your workspace and accounts with multiple security layers, including SSL, File encryption, MFA, SSO, and more.

Is Legit? is a legitimate digital workspace solution. It is trusted by millions of personal and corporate users worldwide, and it has earned many 5-star ratings and positive reviews on several review platforms, including Trustpilot, Capterra, Google, etc. 

Is Worth it? 

Yes, is worth it. The free version gives you access to basic benefits, while the pro plan gives you access to more features.

Top Apps by Categories

Here is a truncated list by categories:

  1. Blogging: BlogIn, CrowdTangle, and more.
  2. Branding: Audiense, Brandfolder, brandseye, and so on.
  3. Business intelligence: 9lenses, Amplitude, Archive, and so on.
  4. CMS: Acqui, Bluehost, Card
  5. Collaboration: Beekast, Cage, Clariti, and more.
  6. Commerce: Alibaba, eBay, Amazon 
  7. Communication: Messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom
  8. Customers: Intercom, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and more.
  9. Culture:, ArtEngine, Artmajeur, and more.
  10. Design: Canva,, Zeplin, and more.
  11. Development: Confluence, GitHub, Stack overflow, and more.
  12. Domain names: Dynabot, Godaddy, Sedo, and so on.
  13. Education: 360Learning, Akindi, Allego, and more.
  14. Entertainment: Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and more.
  15. Feedback: AB Tasty, AidaForm, Canny, and more.
  16. Finance: Expensify, PayPal, Stripe, and more.
  17. Food: AllRecipes, BigOven, Cookbook, and so on.
  18. Gaming: Armor, Valor, Brutal, and more.
  19. Health/Fitness: 8fit,, DailyBurn, and more.
  20. Healthcare/Fitness: 75health, CareCloud, CipherHealth
  21. HR: 15Five, Actimo, AngelList, and more.
  22. Legal: AccountEdge, Adobe Sign, App4Legal, and more.
  23. Logistics: 71Lbs, Audit Shipment, Flexport, and more.
  24. Marketing: Google Ads, MailChimp, Meta for Business, and more.
  25. Management: Acunote, Autotask, Cascade Strategy, and so on.
  26. Monitoring: Atatus, Better Uptime, Bugherd, and more.
  27. Music: Duet, Fit Radio, Fl Studio, and so on.
  28. Network: Digicert, domotz, egnyte, and more
  29. News: Crunchbase, Dailymotion, Entrepreneur and so on.
  30. Personal Development: datacamp, eduCBA, edX, and more.
  31. Productivity: Lanes, Notion, Pitch, and more.
  32. Projects: Asana, Jira, Trello, and more.
  33. Real Estate: Brivity, Brokermint, Buildium
  34. Sales: Freshsales, GetAccept, Highspot
  35. Security: Dashlane, Duo,, and more.
  36. SEO: Frase, DataForSeo, ContentKing, and more.
  37. Services: Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer,, and more.
  38. Shopping: H&M, Lego, Harrods, and so on.
  39. Social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and so on.
  40. Sports: Yahoo Sports,
  41. Storage: Box, Dropbox, Wetransfer
  42. Tech: Gizmodo, Engadget, DreamFactory
  43. Travel: Ezus, Expedia, FareHarbor, and more.
  44. Visual Tools: Fotor, Genially, Infogram, and more
  45. Writing: Grammarly, Google Docs, juro, and more.

What is, and how does it help me organize my digital life? provides a virtual workspace where you can access all your web applications in one place. It eliminates the need for multiple browser tabs and windows, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

How does handle the security and privacy of my apps? acts as a container, meaning it doesn't store your actual application data. It simply provides a secure way to access your existing web apps through their official login processes.

Does offer any built-in organization features?

Yes! automatically categorizes your added apps, grouping them based on functionality (e.g., communication, creativity tools). You can also create custom folders for further organization based on your workflow.

Can I use with any web application? works best with web applications that have a well-defined web interface. While it has a vast library of pre-integrated apps, there might be a chance some specific web apps may not function perfectly within

Is free to use? offers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans unlock additional capabilities like increased storage space and custom branding options for your workspace.

Are there any alternatives to for digital life organization?

Yes, several options exist depending on your needs. Some popular alternatives include:

  • Browser extensions for tab management: These can help organize your browser tabs but don't offer a unified workspace like
  • Cloud storage services: These can help store and organize your files but not necessarily manage your web applications.
  • Project management tools: These can be helpful for task management and collaboration but might not be ideal for centralized access to all your web apps.

Wrapping Up…

Now, you should be able to organize your digital life with

In conclusion, remains the ultimate solution for remote work organization, management, and collaboration. It provides a smarter way of managing your personal and remote work life, as well as managing data safety and security through the use of features like MF, SSO, Password Manager, etc.

Hence, is a much-needed digital life organizer for boosting your productivity and income while saving time and cutting out stress.

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