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Green Business 101: How to Make Your Company Eco-Friendly

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In this post, I will talk about Green Business and how to make your company eco-friendly.  

If you’ve recently started a business or have a business plan in the works, something to think about is making it a green business. In the world of today, businesses could do a lot more to help make this planet a better place.

While it may seem daunting, there are strategies that could make your company more eco-friendly, so you can be confident that you’re doing what you can for the planet as a business owner.

Here are some things to think about: 

How do you power your facilities? 

As you consider your company’s setup in terms of running a green business, have you thought about how you power your office and facilities? Chances are that you may have your typical run-of-the-mill plan, but did you know that you could be doing more and saving more with renewable energy plans?

Depending on the size of your facilities, your carbon footprint may be pretty large, so it would be beneficial to consider the options that allow you to use eco-friendly energy methods while also saving money to power your company. 

Work Styles

While many companies had people work at the office on a daily basis pre-pandemic, things have changed a bit, and many brands are seeing the benefits of having remote teams, or at the very least, hybrid teams.

This allows you to spend less on electricity, and in some cases, where you don’t even need a physical office, you could have your company saving thousands on office rent money. Additionally, it limits your team’s need to commute, which can be helpful in reducing your brand’s carbon footprint as well. 

Green Business 101: How to Make Your Company Eco-Friendly

Limited Work Travel 

While traveling for work is sometimes a necessity, when it comes to meetings in this day and age, it’s not always a must. While there used to be a lot of business travel in the corporate world in previous years, thanks to COVID-19 changing how people met for important meetings, many brands now depend on sites like Zoom to have important exchanges.

While some brands may still want that in-person feeling with networking and important business meetings, whenever possible, consider limiting air travel so that you can do more as a green business. Air travel greatly impacts the environment, and while it may be unavoidable to do sometimes, whenever possible, consider alternatives. 

Product Packaging

Something as simple as the packaging of your products is something that could have a detrimental impact on the environment. So, as you start researching materials for shipping and packaging, you want to look into eco-friendly options. 

You’d be amazed at the kinds of sustainable materials available nowadays. Packaging designed out of things like mushrooms or recycled materials allows you to provide customers with an appealing product while still making sure to do more for the planet. 

Donate To Organizations

Apart from incorporating methods for green business into your practice, you could also consider the impact that you could have by donating some of your proceeds to organizations that are doing a lot on the ground to help the environment.

People are drawn to good, and doing what you can for the planet is something that could attract more consumers as you do something to be a more eco-friendly company. While you still want to have practices in place for your green business, choosing an organization to support will also take your green factor up a notch. 

In Conclusion

Businesses around the world are changing our planet, but they could be doing it in a way that is for the better if they started incorporating more green practices.

While it may take research and even some investment, it’s worth the work so that you can do more for the planet that we live on. 


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