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CyberVista Review: Reliable Cybersecurity Awareness Training Company

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Are you looking for a reliable cybersecurity awareness training company? In this post, we will show you the CyberVista review.

CyberVista training offers users a high level of learning experience in cybersecurity. The contents are varied and well-suited to meet various learning needs.

It also includes short and entertaining videos containing detailed information and practical guides that make learning and training a fantastic experience.

What Is CyberVista?

what is cybervista

CyberVista is a cybersecurity training company launched in 2016 as a Graham Holdings and Kaplan Inc. subsidiary to train company employees to respond to increasing cyberattacks and cybersecurity breaches. The company also prepares individuals on smart home compliance, IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, delivery drones, and other technological advancements.

In addition, CyberVista delivers its courses in person or online, depending on the trainee’s needs. According to CyberVista’s CEO Amjed Saffarini, the company aims to create a cyber-literate and security-conscious workforce that can work with security professionals to develop a solid defense line against cyberattacks and cybersecurity breaches.

cybervista training review

CyberVista Use Cases

‘Use Cases’ is CyberVista’s course section for individuals and enterprises where you get to make course selections to pursue as an individual or organization seeking cybersecurity enterprise solutions for its employees.

Common Use Cases

CyberVista’s Use Cases provide individuals with Specialized, high-quality online training courses, baseline tests, practice labs and exams, and extra training materials and resources in over a hundred IT and Cybersecurity certifications that satisfy the DoDD 8140/8570 criteria.

Enterprise Solution Use cases

Enterprise solutions focus on providing organizations with courses and career developments tailored to suit their unique cybersecurity needs. Hence, CyberVista prepares company employees to fill security gaps, thus preventing leakages and losing funds to cyberattacks and security breaches.

Training & Certification

cybervista training and certification

CyberVista offers a wide range of training and career developments that meet individual and organizational needs. The courses and training programs are also tailored to prepare individuals to earn relevant industry certifications.

Risk Management

CyberVista’s Risk Management training focuses on increasing cyber literacy and decision-making skills to empower a company’s top executives with an objective view of cyber risks. 

Training available under risk management includes:

  • Cyber Risk seminars
  • Cyber Breach Tabletop Exercise
  • Executive Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Deep-Dive Cybersecurity Executive Sessions
  • Resolve programs

Role-based training focuses on enhancing IT and cybersecurity skills amongst a company’s workforce to build cyber-enabled teams in an organization.

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Common Use cases

CyberVista’s training is developed for individuals but aims to make them meet up with the workforce and organizations’ IT and cybersecurity needs. Common examples of CyberVista’s Use cases include:

  • Upskilling System Engineers for Palo Alto and other organizations
  • Improving skill expertise in clinical Engineering at TRIMEDX and other healthcare facilities
  • Improving CompTIA Security+ pass rates amongst the US military 
  • Role and Skill mapping of the workforce for companies, including Fortune 100 tech company


CyberVista is dedicated to building a highly knowledgeable workforce and empowering individuals with the knowledge needed to acquire industry certifications. Hence, CyberVista has massive collections of practice labs and exams, videos, etc., to enable individuals and the workforce to develop the skills and knowledge needed to get industry certifications in the IT and cybersecurity fields.

In addition, CyberVista prepares individuals and company employees for hundreds of certifications in IT and cybersecurity, some of which include:

  • CompTIA
  • GIAC Certifications
  • ITIL
  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare
  • IS
  • EC-council
  • C/EH
  • CompTIA Security+

Pricing Plans 

Cybervista cybersecurity training pricing plans

CyberVista offers a free trial for some of its courses. To enjoy the free trial, fill out the ‘Free Quote’ Request form available at CyberVista’s official website.

CyberVista does not make its pricing public, but you can get quotes of prices by filling out the ‘Free Quote’ form available on its webpage.

You can also contact CyberVista’s sales team via their email handle: sales@cybervista.net or sales line at 844-558-4782 or fill out their Contact Us form on their website. Thankfully, replies from CyberVista do not exceed 24 hours.

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Customer Support & Resources

Dedicated support services are available Mondays-Fridays for customers, while technical support is available Mondays-Thursdays via phone at 866-963-316 for users within the US at +1-6085184765. You can also complain or ask questions by filling out its online customer form. Responses do not take 24 hours.

Wrapping Up The CyberVista Review

Now, let’s conclude this CyberVista review.

CyberVista is the way for individuals and organizations looking to upgrade their games or improve their IT and cybersecurity skills. Its training, materials, and resources are geared toward bridging cybersecurity gaps and mitigating cybersecurity attacks.

Hence, individuals can get the cybersecurity skills and training to make them relevant in companies and organizations. In contrast, organizations get solid cybersecurity defense teams adequately prepared to mitigate against any form of cybersecurity attacks.

If CyberVista is pricier for your budget and needs, you can try other affordable options like:

CyberVista provides excellent user-friendly and customer-oriented training that has yielded impressive results for organizations and high-level pass rates in industry certification exams. 


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