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4 Top Cybersecurity Professions In 2023

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Here, we will show you the top cybersecurity professions in 2023.

In simple terms, cybersecurity refers to the practice where various kinds of technologies, processes are designed to protect and secure computer devices, networks, or programs from attacks and intrusions on the digital space from unknown sources. One of the most common reasons behind cyberattacks is data.

In today’s world, with every single thing from a person’s personal life to big organizations’ business operations being recorded online, data is one of the riskiest things on the internet that is on the radar for cybercrimes. 

As storing and usage of data on the internet is an integral part of today’s business environment, cybersecurity also becomes an indispensable tool for everyone. On the basis of the NASSCOM report, it is said that around one million cybersecurity professionals would be required in India. 

The increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals has created a separate niche for cybersecurity-related businesses. From entry-level professionals to advanced-level professionals, there are various kinds of jobs available in the cybersecurity domain. 

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The various top cybersecurity professions that one can look towards in 2023 are as follows:

Top Cybersecurity Professions In 2023

1. Forensic Computer Analyst 

A forensic computer analyst is required after a cybercrime has been committed. They are basically the investigators in the cyber world, as their work is to uncover cybercrimes such as data infringement or other security-related crimes. The work of a forensic computer analyst encompasses retrieval of the stolen data, finding evidence for cybercrime as well as identifying vulnerabilities that lead to the crime being conducted and these guides from TechyHost can help you stay safe in this era. The increasing incidences of cybercrime make providing a forensic computer analyst one of the most sought-after business ideas in the cybersecurity space.

2. Information Security Analyst 

The role of an information security analyst is to prevent any kinds of cybercrime from happening by protecting the organization’s server and networks. An Information security analyst develops various action plans and security measures such as building firewalls or data encryption (few to mention) to protect the company’s data and computer networks from possible threats. A business exclusively dedicated to providing solutions to protecting an organization’s servers, networks, and computer devices is one of the most promising cybersecurity business ideas that one can look for in 2023. 

3. Ethical Hacker 

The job of an ethical hacker is one of the most essential and critical steps in the cybersecurity plan of an organization. An ethical hacker is someone who essentially tries to infiltrate into the organization’s servers, computer networks, or company software to find any kind of potential security threat that may be vulnerable for the organization. Every organization gets a security check done by ethical hackers regularly to maintain its robust IT infrastructure. An ethical hacking business model would be a profitable business option in upcoming years.

4. Cryptographer  

A cryptographer essentially means a person who develops and uses algorithms, security systems, and ciphers to encrypt classified and sensitive data of an organization. They check the existing system in place and develop new and more sophisticated ways to secure the company’s sensitive data from prying and unknown sources. With more and more companies using the computer for almost everything, it becomes the task of a cryptographer to protect the companies data from falling into the wrong hands. One can develop a business by banking on the increasing demands of cryptography in information technology. 


Cybersecurity is an increasing space that is not going to be obsolete anytime soon. As mentioned above, these pointers are a few of the top cybersecurity professions that one can look for in 2023.


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