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SimpliSafe Reviews By Amazon Users

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Here is the SimpliSafe reviews by Amazon users…

SimpliSafe is an affordable DIY home security system that can be found on Amazon. It is easy to set up, use, and maintain. The product comes in a variety of colors and it’s available for purchase on Amazon.

SimpliSafe has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. It is also the number one best-selling home security system in the U.S.

It offers a wireless home security system that includes a keypad, motion sensor, door and window sensors, and a camera to protect your home from break-ins, fires, and other disasters.

It's always nice to hear what other people think of a product before you buy it. And when it comes to buying home security systems, it can be hard to know what to look for and what company is best. 

So in this post, we review the SimpliSafe Home Security System and the user feedback they've received so that you can decide if it's the right product for you.

Without further ado, let's show you the SimpliSafe reviews Amazon users revealed.

What Do Amazon Users Say About SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe Reviews Amazon - What Do Amazon Users Say About SimpliSafe?There are many SimpliSafe reviews on Amazon by verified customers who have purchased this product. These reviews are mostly positive with people saying that it was easy to install, has excellent customer service and they felt confident in their purchase decision after reading through the reviews.

Many customers praise the customizable alarm settings and easy installation of the system. It is more expensive than other home security systems, but customers say that it's worth the price for its many features.

Another customer felt that SimpliSafe was too complicated and returned it after a few days. Others found that it didn't have as many features as they had hoped or had problems with their phone not connecting to the system and that there are occasional false alarms due to poor Wi-Fi connections.

After reading these reviews, you can see why people are so divided on this product!

But the best way you can get a product that works for you is by understanding the features and giving it a try.

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How Does The SimpliSafe Home Security System Work?

How Does The SimpliSafe Home Security System Work?

The home security system is all about protecting your home and family.

SimpliSafe offers a range of products for every need and budget, from basic wireless systems to professional monitored solutions.

SimpliSafe has been in business since 2006, with over 500,000 customers in North America. They offer a range of products for every need and budget, from basic wireless systems to professional monitored solutions.

The SimpliSafe Home Security system is a wireless, DIY system. It features a base station and various other sensors including motion sensors, entry sensors, glass break sensors, and smoke detectors.

The base station detects the signals from all of the sensors and creates an alarm if there is an intrusion or if the sensors are triggered by something. You control the alarm with a keypad on your phone and can set up notifications for different rooms

The SimpliSafe Home Security System is made up of:

1) Wireless base station – This communicates with all connected devices.

2) Motion sensor – This detects motion in a room and alerts you if someone enters your home when you're not there.

3) Entry sensors – These detect unauthorized entries into your home and alert you through an alarm or text message.

4) Keypad – This allows for arming, disarming, and panic modes for the system.

5) Smoke detector – This detects smoke or fire

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How To Get And Install The SimpliSafe Home Security System

How To Get And Install The SimpliSafe Home Security System

The SimpliSafe home security system does not require a contract. It has a variety of features and can be customized to suit one's needs and can be controlled from anywhere from the Apps.

The installation of the SimpliSafe Home Security System is quite straightforward and it can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Purchase a SimpliSafe Home Security System kit here.
  • Step 2: Download the app on your phone or tablet (Android or iOS)
  • Step 3: Install the sensors in your house and set up your alarm settings.
  • Step 4: Have an alarm monitoring service set up with SimpliSafe to monitor your system while you are away from home and to dispatch emergency services in case of an intrusion.

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SimpliSafe Products

1. Security system

SimpliSafe provides homeowners with a DIY security system. With this system, customers can have a technician install the equipment for them, or they can do it themselves. The equipment includes motion sensors and door/window sensors that will alert SimpliSafe when someone enters the house. If there's an intruder in the home, the alarm will sound immediately and the police will be notified.

2. Outdoor security camera

SimpliSafe offers outdoor security cameras that are perfect for those who want to monitor their property from afar. Not only are the outdoor cameras perfect for keeping intruders out, but they can also keep an eye on things inside your home when you're gone. SimpliSafe's outdoor cameras offer clear HD video and have virtual pan, tilt, and zoom functionality.

3. Indoor Camera

The SimpliCam is an indoor camera that's easy to use and can be set up in minutes. It comes with a live feed and has excellent sound quality. You can view the video from anywhere with the free app from your phone, tablet, or computer. The SimpliCam is also equipped with night vision so you can see everything even if it's dark in the home.

4. Smart Lock

SimpliSafe offers a smart lock that can be configured to unlock when the SimpliCam detects activity. It also features an alarm system, as well as a mobile app for remote access.

SimpliSafe's new smart lock is the first of its kind in the industry. It enables users to remotely lock and unlock their doors without needing a key. The lock has a sound button that can be used to alert people that are outside. It also has a proximity sensor, so it will know when someone is near the front door and will proactively notify that person with a warning chime.

5. Video doorbell pro

One of the reasons SimpliSafe customers like the video doorbell pro is because it can be viewed on any device. This means that a person can answer the door even when they aren't home.

Another reason for the popularity of this product is that anyone with a smartphone or computer can monitor their home from anywhere in the world. The camera also records good quality video and audio, so people feel better about answering their door knowing that burglars will be recorded.

Do SimpliSafe Offer Installation And Monitoring Services?

Yes, SimpliSafe offers an installation and monitoring service to make sure that the customers get the best security system for their homes.

The SimpliSafe installation and monitoring service is a great option for those who want to install a security system in their home but don't want to do it themselves. The company will send a professional installer who will provide the customer with a free estimate, make sure that the installation is done correctly, and then monitor the system for up to 3 months.

SimpliSafe Return Policy on Amazon

The SimpliSafe return policy is a 30-day money-back guarantee on Amazon but on their website, it is 60-day.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase and get your money back on Amazon.

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SimpliSafe After-Sale Customer Service

The company’s after-sales customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have. They are also available to offer advice on how to make their system more secure and offer tips on how to stay safe in their homes.

If there's an issue with your system, they'll work with you to get it fixed and back up and running in no time. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

SimpliSafe Pricing Plans

1. Interactive Monitoring Plan @ $27.99

The Interactive Monitoring Plan is the most expensive. For $27.99 a month, you'll get access to your home's security system from anywhere that has internet access. You can arm and disarm your system as well as receive instant alerts if there is any movement in your house. This plan also includes unlimited camera downloads and video storage.

2. Standard monitoring plan @ 17.99

The SimpliSafe Standard plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring at $17.99/month. You'll also get an end-to-end backup cellular connection, a wireless base station, a keypad with a backlit LCD screen, and 4 entryway and window sensors.

3. Camera Only Subscription @ $9.99

SimpliSafe's camera-only subscription is a great deal. It includes 24/7 live surveillance and 120 days of recordings. The cost for this plan is $9.99 a month, which means that you'll be able to see everything that goes on through the camera for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day.

SimpliSafe Reviews Amazon Pros And Cons

SimpliSafe Pros

  • SimpliSafe's 24/7 monitoring service provides around-the-clock protection.
  • SimpliSafe offers both equipment and monitoring contracts, so you can customize your plan to fit your needs.
  • You can also add on other services like a medical response, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors for an additional monthly fee.
  • You can control the system with a keypad or mobile app from anywhere in the world.
  • SimpliSafe offers a lifetime warranty on all equipment and cellular communication devices included in their monitoring.
  • The company is the world’s most secure home security system.

SimpliSafe Cons

  • SimpliSafe is among the most expensive option on the market; however, they offer quality products.
  • SimpliSafe does not offer a lot of customization options for its customers.

SimpliSafe Reviews Amazon Ratings


SimpliSafe offers very good features so its rating score is high.

SimpliSafe is a home security system that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. It has been rated as the best security system for homeowners by Consumer Reports.

The SimpliSafe features ratings are based on reviews from Reddit, Quora, and Trustpilot. The score is based on the average of all these reviews.

For features, I give SimpliSafe a rating of 5/5.


SimpliSafe is a home security company that offers various types of home security systems. They are known for their SimpliSafe App which is available on mobile for Android and iOS, but as a web app for PC.

The ratings of the SimpliSafe app on mobile are mostly positive. But the ratings of the SimpliSafe app on PC are mixed.

The SimpliSafe app has been rated by users on TrustPilot, Quora, and Reddit. The ratings are based on the user’s satisfaction with the app’s performance and how often they use it.

For its mobile app, I give it a rating of 5 over 5.


The installation service options offered by SimpliSafe are one of the reasons why they have such high ratings. Customers can choose the style of installation they want and how many days they need for it to be completed. This allows them to get the best service for their needs, which is also reflected in their reviews on social media platforms.

The majority of reviewers on Reddit and Trustpilot say that it was an easy installation process. However, there were a few complaints about these installations as well.

For its easy installation process, I give SimpliSafe a rating of 4.5 over 5.

Customer service

SimpliSafe offers 24/7. Customer service support for their users.

The SimpliSafe customer service rating score is based on reviews from Reddit, Quora, and Trustpilot. Reddit and Quora have the highest rating for SimpliSafe customer service with 4 stars each.

In terms of customer service, I give SimpliSafe a 4.5 over 5 rating.

Wrapping Up SimpliSafe Reviews Amazon

Now, let's wrap up the SimipliSafe reviews Amazon users revealed. There are a lot of good reasons to get a SimpliSafe home security system. It's affordable, easy to install, and offers great customer service. The system has live video streaming, a bright flashing strobe light, and an alarm that you can set with the touch of your finger on the app.

You can also add accessories like cameras, door locks, glass break sensors, and smoke/CO detectors to your system as needed for your own needs.

===>>> Get SimpliSafe


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