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Should I Trust VPN Review Sites?

In this post, I will answer the question – should you trust VPN review sites? based on personal experience.

Some websites have even made it a point to review VPNs. They judge how secure these VPNs are and the general user-friendliness of the VPNs. And this is commendable because it simplifies the search process for people looking for the best VPN service.

But sometimes, these sites have some problems. I once used a VPN recommended by a website, and of course, I downloaded the VPN app, but I also downloaded malware alongside the VPN and lost important files in the process.

Should You Trust VPN Review Sites?

Some VPN review sites may have bad intentions, trying to get you to download things that will harm your devices or steal your data.

On the other hand, some content writers may not be well experienced or knowledgeable in terms of using a VPN. So, they may recommend poor VPN services, or they may not even know about some particular VPNs, which may be better because they did not do their research, as well as they should have, and so because of that, a reader misses out on the real good stuff.

Also, there are phony VPN review sites as well. Take, for instance, someone who may have created a VPN for people to buy, so he or a company may create a VPN review site to push it. Or a VPN review site may even be a long, roundabout way of advertising for some people. Who knows?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust VPN sites, but be very cautious when you are searching for VPN services to use.

This is something I learned the hard way, and so I am now very suspicious of VPN review sites until I am satisfied that they are legit. So far, I’ve found quite a number of them. There’s one I would recommend to you, which is VPNSurfers. That is one I’ve tested and trust. You can check it out.


Christian Schmitz

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