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AS Roma enters partnership with Acronis for cybersecurity

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Associazione Sportiva Roma, also known as A.S Roma and Acronis have officially announced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) partnership deal. This agreement involves provision of AI and Machine Learning (ML) solutions for processing and optimizing football data, business operations and cyber-protection for critical workloads for the Italian professional football club.

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection disclosed that the AI and ML technology are the main factors in the partnership which are not only to be used for data analysis but for other core aspects of other solutions needed by A.S Roma for their systems protection.

According to Acronis, one of the solutions involve the use of Acronis Cyber Protect, an AI-powered integration of cyber security and power protection from a single console which an organization can operate and manage all its protection solution from against data loss, cybersecurity threats, malware attack and others. It comes with a security manager, anti-malware feature and backup and recovery option.

Acronis senior vice president, Jan-Jaap Jager says that “deploying patchwork of solutions for backup, anti-malware and other methods leave vulnerabilities in the system which can be exploited by criminal hackers.

The chief operations officer of A.S Roma, Francesco Calvo stated that as the game of football evolves, a partnership of this kind becomes important. He continued by saying that “The sport of football is ever-changing having entered an era where data dependency has become much more important in making game-changing and winning decisions especially now that the world is just recovering from the novel pandemic (COVID-19).

He however concluded by saying “The more important data management has become, the riskier it has also become which propelled A.S Roma’s decision into partnering with Acronis to help us analyse data, enhance and protect data collection. We remain excited to be #CyberFit with Acronis.”

This agreement has helped Acronis as a brand improve its visibility in the world of football with the brand also boasting of active partnership with top English Premier League club sides like Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC.


Abraham Faisal
Abraham Faisal
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