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10 Symbol Emojis And The Different Meanings Behind Them

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Here are 10 symbol emojis and the different meanings behind them.

Emojis are not just about smileys, animals, plants, objects, but also flags, shapes, and even symbols! As observed, people do not use the symbol emojis that much cause it can be unnecessary, and it can be typed out. 

Nevertheless, the symbol emojis can still serve a purpose. If you wish to know more about the specific symbols like checkmarks, questions marks, and more, then scroll down to our listed symbol emojis!

Heavy Check Mark

This check mark emoji is portrayed as a black-colored check, which is also called the “heavy check mark.” It is sometimes confused with the “white heavy check mark,” but this one has a different color. There are so many meanings of a checkmark, but it is mostly positive.

One meaning of a checkmark is that it could mean that you have accomplished or completed your to-do task or your work assignment. It could mean that it is a “job well done.” There is no known negative connotation for a check mark.

White Heavy Check Mark

Just like the previously mentioned emoji, this heavy white checkmark also has the same meaning behind it. This emoji is portrayed as a green box with a white checkmark in the middle of it. This emoji is sometimes called the “greenlit.”

Ballot Box With Check Emoji

Another check mark emoji is this ballot box with check emoji. This emoji can have the same meaning behind it, but this one has a specific use. It is usually used to tick off a portion of a list as “done” or “selected.” This symbol is generally found in a ballot box where you are voting for a political organization candidate.

Cross Mark Emoji

This cross mark emoji can be opposite to the previously mentioned emojis, but you may use it for the same purpose. It may have a positive or negative connotation behind it. This emoji is sometimes confused with the cross mark button emoji.

Cross mark emoji is portrayed as a red X and has no other feature. This mark can also be used to tick off a task that has already been completed, or it may symbolize that the portion of the list is unacceptable or wrong. It can mean approval, but it is mostly used for disapproval.

Cross Mark Button Emoji

Similar to the previously mentioned emoji, this cross mark button emoji can have the same meaning since it uses the same “cross mark.” This emoji can be used to tick off or symbolize an actual “X” or cross-marked button.

Exclamation Mark Emoji

This exclamation mark emoji is portrayed as an exclamation mark that is colored red and is bolded. It is commonly used to get the attention of someone else or say that they are saying something important or something you should hear. 

It can be used to highlight or emphasize a specific message or a portion of a text. This emoji can have many uses behind them and do not necessarily have positive or negative meanings.

Double Exclamation Mark Emoji

Just like the previous emoji, the double exclamation mark emoji has the same features, but this one has two of the marks. It can mean the same thing, but it could say that it needs a little more attention than a single exclamation mark. This emoji can be too unnecessary since it is sometimes used for a harmful purpose.

Question Mark Emoji

This question mark emoji has the same color and features of an exclamation mark emoji, but this one is in “question mark.” This emoji is mainly used to ask questions or to say that you are confused about something. It is confused with the other question mark emoji, which is that “white question mark emoji.”

Be careful in using this emoji because it can have a negative meaning or interpretation behind it. It can be an infamous symbol that you can use to say that you are baffled about something, and you are in disbelief.

White Question Mark Emoji

Although this emoji looks the same as the previously mentioned emoji, this can have a little difference with the previous one. As mentioned in the last emoji, it can be a negative emoji to use, but this white question mark emoji can be different. It can have a lighter tone since it is white-colored, and it cannot be misinterpreted that much.

Exclamation Question Mark Emoji

This emoji is a combination of both exclamation and the question mark that is also bolded and red. This emoji does not necessarily mean anything, but it is commonly known as a rude emoji to use since it looks very impatient about something.


Even though this symbol emoji is not used that much compared to the smileys and animals emoji, this category of the emoji collection was still useful to some, especially in making banners, or creating a list of something, whether they may be academic, work-related, or just personal.

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