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Thousands of Hacked Disney+ Accounts now Sold Online

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Social media platforms and online forums are full of lamentations by Disney+ users’ complaints about their hacked Disney accounts.

Hackers have just invaded accounts and are giving them out to people either for free — or selling them at a little cost — on the web.

Disney+ Servers Hacked

As per reports by ZDNet, a large number of Disney+ accounts have just been hacked since the gushing help propelled November 12. It is allegedly said that these hackers posted the Disney+ account login access on their forums for free, and some of these hackers sold these accounts for $3-11.

Users are complaining that these hackers gained access to their accounts, log them out, change their personal details so they won't gain access to their accounts again.

Social media and online forums have been loaded up with users griping of hacked Disney+ accounts since the day the incident took place.

It's hazy how hackers accessed the accounts, however, as indicated by ZDNet, it shows up that hackers accessed accounts by using email and secret key combos used at different websites, while in some cases the Disney+ password may have been gotten from users who uses VPN and save their passwords online as most VPN providers are not reliable.

The reports of hacked accounts pursue an effectively rough start for Disney, and a representative for Disney+ affirmed hundreds of thousands of users more than Disney+ expectations attempted to login to their platform, prompting network issues.

“The user interest for Disney+ has surpassed our expected standards,” a Disney representative said November 12. “We are satisfied by this mind-boggling reaction and are trying to rapidly resolve the present user issues which are not alone affecting our users but our reputation as well. We value your time patience.”

In lieu of the hackers’ attack, here are some tips to ensure all your accounts are secured:

  • Use Strong Password

Hackers use various strategies for trying to access your accounts. The most simple means is to target you and type in letters, numbers, and symbols to figure your password. So we recommend you use a long password to avoid easy guess.

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  • Use Irregular Password Phrases

Long passwords are great; long passwords that incorporate irregular words and phrases are better. This basically implies you ought to abstain from using your name, surname, mother's middle name or just numbers like 1234567.

  • Try not to reuse Passwords

At the point when hackers complete enormous scale hacks, as they have recently done with Disney+ accounts, the list of the hacked Disney+ passwords are frequently released on their forum. If your account is undermined and you use this email address and secret phrase multiple sites, your data can be used to get into any of these different records. Use a unique secrete word for everything.

  • Change your passwords regularly

The more important your data is, the more regularly you should change your password. When it is changed, don't use that secret key again for quite a while.


Amaya Paucek
Amaya Paucek
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