Editor's PickEdTech is Helping Sports Fans Land their Dream Job

EdTech is Helping Sports Fans Land their Dream Job

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If you follow, play, invest, or even work in professional sports, you'll know it's an ever-changing environment. The constantly evolving EdTech industry is working closer with technology than ever, and we're seeing the results in every major sports competition.

Tech is taking over from the Virtual Assistant Referee in soccer to Hawkeye technology in tennis. But some aspects of sports tech are more popular than others.

Dubai hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup in November and December before handing the baton for World Cup 2026 to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The previous host set the standard for tech in soccer, creating innovative ways to promote a rare winter World Cup while keeping the players, staff, and fans safe in high temperatures. Dubai spent big to develop the most eco-friendly games ever seen, setting a high bar for the US.

Sports fans and armchair followers can't escape tech's impact, either. From watching the NFL on the best live-streaming apps to using a betting odds calculator to get the best odds on your predictions, times are changing. Watching sports is an immersive experience at home or on the move. The leading sports app developers keep you involved.

Athletes seek an edge

EdTech is Helping Sports Fans Land their Dream Job

Technology in sports helps officials get the big decisions correct 100% of the time. Despite splitting the opinion of fans, with some arguing it takes too long to deliver a judgment, VAR eliminates errors and removes some of the burden carried by referees.

In soccer, the referee and assistants can concentrate on allowing the game to flow, knowing they'll hear a voice in their earpiece if they've missed a critical moment.

Tech also improves how we watch and interact with sports. You can watch at the stadium, purchasing tickets through official club sites, at home on TV, or through an HD-quality live-streaming app with updated scores and stats.

Social media lets us directly communicate with players, teams, and coaches at the touch of a button. Fancy seeing the biggest arenas in sports, from Old Trafford to Camp Nou? Take a virtual tour without leaving your home.

It's plain to see that, despite the teething problems, tech is bringing professional sports into the 21st century. But that intense scrutiny has ramped up the pressure on players. Everything they do on the training pitch to the game is under the microscope.

Are they covering the yards, accelerating in the final third, and turning possession and attempts into goals? If the tech says now, players could lose their position in the team.

This article explains who collects this data and how sports scientists use it to get the best out of multi-million-dollar athletes. Knowing how tech works in sports could pave the way for your involvement.

If you're looking for an exciting career change that could move you closer to your favorite teams, tech could provide a solution.

EdTech industry

Choose the best route

There are many routes into a career in the professional sports industry, and most don't require you to be a full-time athlete. We're seeing an influx of university graduates choosing to work in sports, including sports scientists and physiotherapists.

The demands to get players to reach their potential and keep them at their best for long periods means a more excellent backroom staff is required.

The top sports clubs from the NFL, NBA, English Premier League, and professional boxing understand the value of keeping their players, fighters, and athletes in great shape, helping get results and remain injury-free for as long as possible. That has led teams to recruit top sports, medicine, and science graduates, giving them an edge.

If you are interested in sports science or physiotherapy, you could find a new career path in pro sports. Gaining your degree and relevant qualifications should be your primary aim, and you can then apply for work experience in sports to earn full-time employment. 

The resources needed to further your education aren't only in universities and colleges but online, thanks to EdTech. The top education apps make learning a new skill and gaining qualifications remotely easier and more accessible than ever before. But can you learn from an app?

Benefits of EdTech

As EdTech is an evolving business, we have to determine its limitations or if it has any. On paper, it's a revolutionary way to learn a new skill or gain qualifications around your busy life.

Based on the former open learning style of education, the latest in EdTech gives many benefits not available to learners in the past. Let's investigate some of the benefits of EdTech.

The main attraction is the ability to learn from anywhere in the world. No need to attend a course when you can follow a program online at home, after work, or in a shared learning space.

There are no deadlines either. When joining a home learning course, you were tied to time constraints, having to complete your studies and pass a final exam within 12 months. 

Putting a time limit on learning didn't make sense to a lot, and we're delighted to see this barrier removed with EdTech. It's also more personalized than classroom or home learning. You can tweak the duration, change your goals, and get feedback based on your results and recent successes. 

The app gives an estimated pass rate and time of delivery. EdTech makes your learning journey tailored exclusively to you, and this helps many gain improved results.

Other areas to consider

Science and medicine aren't the only avenues into the sports industry. Many ambitious writers are creating content for their favorite team's websites, social media channels, and matchday reading.

EdTech helps with gaining a journalism or marketing degree, and you can learn full-time or alongside your current employment.

When using EdTech to learn, you're not tied to a classroom, lecture hall, or even a home computer. The latest apps mean you can learn on the go, download tutorials, watch lectures, and submit work through a secure learning portal. You're in complete control of your new journey.


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