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ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf Hit by Ransomware

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Diebold Nixdorf, a US-based renowned Automatic teller machine producer and payment gateway technology company has recorded a ransomware attack that interrupted some of the machine’s functions.

Notably, Diebold Nixdorf controls about 35% of the world’s cash machine market. The attack happened on the 25th of April, disrupting services for about 100 customers of the tech giant.

Ransomware which is known to demand huge sums of money from its victims has been in full force during this novel coronavirus pandemic having employed Prolock ransom previously called Pwndlocker until March when the bug that let free decoder to be created was fixed to encrypt vital files on an attacked ATM using malicious BMP file for its distribution with yet an unknown distribution path and by adding Prolock to the file name. Once infected, a ransom is requested for before a decryption key can be released to the victim.

The Money machine technology giant acknowledged the ransomware attack on its computer network and that the attack has been brought under control without paying any ransom. It was disclosed that the attackers could not access its ATM networks or customer’s networks but did not interrupt the system that automates field services or technical requests.

Response To The Diebold Nixdorf Ransomware Attack

According to an investigation carried out after the attack by Erich Kron, a cybersecurity awareness advocate for Knowbe4, he noted that Diebold took the right decision, having segmented their network, reducing the harm to the corporate network and averting critical negative network impact to their customers.

Secureblitz encourages technology stakeholders to endeavor to be proactive and be prepared for attacks of this nature and to organize periodic training sessions for customers in the art of detecting how ransomware operates and reporting malicious attacks.Likewise, they should know how to protect their sensitive information against falling into the hands of cybercriminals.


John Raymond
John Raymond
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