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Latest Untangle SD-WAN Router utilizes WireGuard VPN Protocol

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The latest Untangle's router incorporates WireGuard VPN protocol.

Untangle incorporated is a top comprehensive network security company for SMBs (small to medium businesses) and distributed enterprises. They made an announcement today of the launch of Untangle SD-WAN Router.

Version 3.0 of the award-winning router of Untangle comes with the integration of WireGuard VPN protocol, so organizations can easily configure an encrypted VPN connection that's also state of the art.

With this integration of WireGuard VPN that was also recently integrated to the NG Firewall 16.0's latest update, customers of Untangle will get the chance to swiftly create a VPN connection between the SD-WAN Router and their security gateway, which will result in a swift virtual network connection.

This latest router meets the needs of small and medium businesses whose, according to the 2021 Predictions Report and Voice of the Channel by Untangle, the need for VPN connectivity has increased as organizations manage long-term remote work and branch office parks while they monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

SD-WAN Router gives businesses an affordable yet powerful gadget for flexible management of often-limited bandwidth present at home offices and branch locations. The most recent release also expands the options of LTE providers, providing AT&T network connectivity.

With growing VPN access options and LTE connectivity suppliers across every major Telcos in the United States, this version of SD-WAN Router is the perfect solution for all small businesses to distributed organizations that need secure and fast connection across networks and locations.

More About Untangle's Implementation of WireGuard VPN Protocol

According to Untangle's Senior VP of Products and Marketing, Heather Paunet, businesses, particularly small businesses, are growing the need for flexibility in their work way, communicating both with customers and internally and providing services.

To securely do so, it needs a network that's both flexible to be easily accessed and encrypted for security. He also said that having previously had success in using WireGuard VPN in their NG Firewall, they are excited to provide small businesses a stronger offering in their most recent update to the SD-WAN Router that'll make it simple to administer a virtual network just like accessing an application.

Centrally managed and easy to implement, this SD-WAN Router can offer encrypted inter-office connectivity across every site while also maintaining the most secure level.

Some of the VPN services that have incorporated WireGuard VPN protocol include Surfshark VPN, CyberGhost VPN, and Ivacy.

What do you think about Untangle WireGuard VPN protocol?

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