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The #1 Reason Why Organizations Skip Security

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In this post, I will show the #1 reason why organizations skip security.

Imagine you have the best recipe in the world for chocolate, and you decide to make a business out of it: you rent a place, buy the required machinery and hire the best manpower available.

You have spent all this time, money and effort, and then one day you find a problem in the main machine: under certain workload it starts to spill oil into the chocolate.

You browse the internet to see if someone else suffers from the same problem, and find some devices which eliminates the oil taste. You buy the device, but over time it cannot handle the increasing amount of oil and you buy another device which filters the chocolate.

Fast forward few years, and you are spending 20% of your budget on devices to control this oil leak which pollutes your quality chocolate. It’s a vicious circle, which demands more and more resources but will never fix the problem.

That is what's happening with data security today: every year the bar for security rises, we spend more money on the latest and greatest technology, hoping to attain a better security posture, only to find more gaps in the next audit.

A Common Mistake

It is easy for companies to fall into this vicious circle, because security is not their bread and butter; business should focus on making profit rather than on security.

Another reason is they cannot put production on hold in order to thoroughly address the problems, so they end up purchasing more and more tools, increasing costs and technical debt.

Very often it is not possible to drive such organizational changes from within the company, as it requires full collaboration from different teams, each busy focusing on their own field challenges. 

A Different Approach 

A different approach would be to hire a professional experienced with many similar use-cases who, knows the optimal path to address the problem. 

This professional can also train and educate the relevant teams on the go, and create cloture and awareness which will help avoid these recurring problems.

The Key Takeaway

Organizations should focus on their trade, and leave security to the professionals. You might say that good security infrastructure is too expensive, but trust me – bad security infrastructure is much more so.  At the end of the day, that’s what makes the business survive and trade for another day. Contact the professionals here. 


About the Author:

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With over twenty years expertise in offensive and defensive security, I stand at the forefront of security innovation, blending strategic insight with a business-driven approach to unlock growth and success.
My prowess in cloud security transforms SaaS products into strong and resilient tools for facing today's threat landscape, engaging risks, and driving impactful mitigation. Renowned for crafting sophisticated strategies and solving complex challenges, I guide brands through the cloud transformation age with precision and forward-thinking leadership, setting new benchmarks in security excellence.


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