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PDFBear: Your Online Alternative In Merging PDF Files

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PDFBear provides a fully functional PDF Merger on its website. Why do we need to merge PDF files? Well, handling one PDF file is way easier than working with two. In turn, it’s only natural that the size of the PDF will grow. In turn, PDFBear complements this PDF Merger tool with a PDF Compress tool. 

For this article, we’ll shed the spotlight on the PDF Merge tool. How can you merge multiple PDF documents into one using this PDFBear online tool? Are there any potential cons in using PDFBear among other online tools? Read the rest of this article to find out how PDFBear offers a simplified Merge PDF process.

How to Merge PDF With PDFBear

Merging multiple PDF documents into one PDF file sounds like a complicated process. Actually, it only sounds like it’s complicated, but with PDFBear, this process is incredibly effortless. You won’t need any superior tech skills and knowledge to be able to merge PDF documents on the PDFBear platform. All you need is PDFBear’s four-step process in merging PDF documents.

The merge PDF process begins once you select and upload the PDF files you want to combine. Select those PDF files or drag and drop them into the PDF merger. Next, it automatically will merge the PDF files you uploaded into one PDF file. There’s no need to click on any buttons as this PDF merge tool will automatically merge once you upload the PDF documents.

You can always make a few modifications to your files. If you are finished making those modifications, press “Merge PDF” and wait for a couple of moments. You should be able to download a PDF file merged from multiple PDF documents. You can choose to save the file to your computer or share it to your Dropbox for safekeeping.

Easy & Quick PDF Merger

As we said, PDFBear’s online PDF merger simplifies the entire merging process. The process of combining multiple PDF documents won’t present any trouble or difficulty for the users. If you want to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document, simply upload those files, and this PDF merger will combine them for you.

Merging multiple PDF documents can be effortlessly done in just four steps and a few clicks. There is absolutely no need for any manuals or how-tos upon merging PDF files through PDFBear. It even makes the four-step merge process visible for all users to use as a reference while merging PDF documents!

It also provides a combined outcome in an accurate and timely manner. You won’t need to worry about waiting for your merged PDF outcome for an extended period. You can simply merge any PDF documents within minutes through this online PDFBear merger.

Cheap & Efficient Online Merger

PDFBear offers this highly functional and effective PDF merger for free on its website. With this, anyone should be able to merge multiple PDF files without breaking the bank. It still baffles us how PDFBear can offer a straightforward and well-rounded PDF merge process. It should come as a saving grace for those who’ve previously struggled with merging PDF documents.

You may have had issues and troubles merging multiple PDF files on other online tools before. Those online tools may have even charged you a ton of your hard-earned money for this type of PDF conversion. With PDFBear, you won’t need to pay to merge multiple PDF files a single time. You can accurately merge those files and see that there’ll be no errors at all. 

You also won’t need to download or install any offline software from PDFBear. PDFBear’s online PDF merger is ready to go and eager to merge your PDF documents for you, and you can access it using your web browser. 

PDF Merger Compatible With Any Platform

PDFBear’s online PDF merger is available to use through any platform. With this, users won’t encounter any problems regarding compatibility upon using this PDF merger tool. It should perfectly work as it is on any Windows, Linux, or Mac systems. Subsequently, access to this online PDF merger can be done through any web browsing app.

You can use any web browser upon merging multiple PDF documents using this online tool. Merging PDF documents is 100% possible on Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and other widely used web browsers. 

PDFBear’s PDF merger tool is online-based. With this, you’ll be able to take this PDF merger tool with you and access it using your smartphone. Along with data or Wi-Fi connection, this online PDF merger will allow you to combine multiple PDF documents on any iOS or Android device.


While it may be true that PDFBear allows users to combine multiple PDFs for free, this case only lasts for a certain number of times. In turn, you’ll need to secure a premium subscription to PDFBear PRO. PDFBear PRO allows users to merge multiple PDF documents without limits! You can have unlimited PDF merge processes with PDFBear PRO.

PDFBear PRO also makes any PDF editing, converting, and optimization much easier. A premium subscription to PDFBear brings numerous bonus features and perks that will surely make handling PDF documents a lot easier. You can subscribe to PDFBear PRO for as low as $5.99 a month.


PDFBear has an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars rating among 888 votes. This incredibly high rating is because of the straightforward and convenient approach it provides upon merging multiple PDF documents. Merging PDF documents is effortless using the PDF merger from PDFBear. It’s user-friendly, accurate, and most of all, it’s available for free.


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