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Dark Web Largest Hosting Provider Leaked, Thousands of Emails and Passwords Hacked

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According to latest reports, data containing sensitive information about Dark web largest hosting provider – Daniel's Hosting (DH) –  was leaked by a cyber attacker. Having the provider's databased leaked, about 7,600 sites went down.  The hosting-related databases were wiped after the hacker gained entry into the backend of DH, reports also have it that the attacker created another account for any other operations after removing the main database account.

The owner of DH – Daniel Winzen, confirmed the news that the cyber attacker broke into their web portal, took over the database and erased all servers with the cyber attack in March. Due to the attack, Daniel's Hosting involuntarily shut down its service on March 2, a fortnight after the attack. The action of DH forced other users of the dark web to move their sites to a new hosting provider.

After the shutdown of Dark web largest hosting provider, over 7000 websites have followed suit which is almost a third of all dark web portals put together. The cyber attacker who used only “KingNull” as name, released one copy of the stolen database gotten from DH on a file-hosting portal on Sunday, March 31. Among the leaked data were 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 account passwords, and over 8,000 private keys for dark web domains, this is according to a hasty analysis of the data dump.

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Speculations state that if the users continued to use the old password, hackers could still take over their new accounts. This is the second time in 16 months that the Dark web largest hosting provider, DH, is being hacked and the owner of DH – Winzen – has stated that the dark web hosting services will still remain on shutdown until further notice.


John Raymond
John Raymond
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