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Full Review of Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System

ting electrical fire prevention system

In this post, we will review Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System.

According to a study by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical faults account for about 34,000 fire outbreaks, which results in about 450 deaths and damages worth $1.3b yearly.

In a bid to prevent electrical fire outbreaks, there have been substantial investments in the development of electrical fire prevention systems. Such systems include the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, which has now become a necessary installation in the construction of new buildings.

Homes and buildings constructed before 1973 will require a much more innovative electrical fault detection systems with a highly simplified installation method to prevent electrical fire outbreaks.

One such system that has come under our review is the Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System developed by Whisker Labs, Inc. in 2018.

Whisker Labs Inc. is a tech company based in Maryland with a focus on developing sophisticated home safety intelligent technologies focused on preventing fire outbreaks.

Whisker Lab’s other areas of expertise include lightning detection networks and making smarter home thermostats. Their mission is to ‘Eradicate Electrical Fires.’

What Is Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System?

electrical fire prevention system

Ting is an electrical plugin sensor smart enough to detect all types of electrical faults, including electrical arcs, faulty plugs, switches, outlets, etc.

Ting functions by checking for inconsistencies such as electrical arcs, sparks, faulty switches, overloaded circuits, etc. in a home electrical wiring system.

It measures electromagnetic radiations emanating from a home electrical wiring system and processes such information using machine learning.

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How to Install Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System

Installing Ting does not require the services of a certified Electrician; neither does it require any expertise. Therefore, installing Ting is a DIY process.

  • You plug the Ting Electrical sensor into an electrical socket or outlet in any part of your home.
  • Install Ting’s mobile app on your smartphone
  • Pair the Ting electrical sensor to A Wi-Fi network using the Ting Mobile app to enable Ting to send electromagnetic data to the company’s platform for processing using Machine Learning
  • The platform detects any abnormalities or possible electrical hazards in your home wiring system and triggers off the alarm to notify you
  • Ting’s mobile app connects remotely with a chosen fire safety organization that informs you of electrical faults that are fire precursors.
  • Reach out to a nearby certified electrician to check out your wiring system for any electrical faults before it degenerates into an electrical fire outbreak.

Installing Ting does not require revamping pre-installed wiring systems in buildings, so it matters less whether your building is old or new. All you need is an available electrical outlet to plug Ting.

electrical fire prevention

Features of Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System

  1. Ting’s Electrical Sensor

Ting’s electrical sensor is highly sensitive to detect abnormalities in a home wiring system by measuring the differences in electromagnetic radiations emitted by a faulty electrical wiring system using advanced electromagnetic detection mechanisms.

  1. Ting Mobile App Interface to keep you informed

Ting’s mobile app is Ting’s User Interface that detects and identifies electrical faults, which can lead to fire outbreaks. It works similarly with other home safety trackers. Therefore, you enjoy round-the-clock notification of faulty electrical systems from the Ting mobile app interface.

  1. Fire Hazard Coverage

Ting covers repairs for detected electrical faults that are precursors to fire outbreaks to the tune of a $1000.

  1. Lifetime Warranty

Whiskers Lab Inc. looks beyond making a profit by providing its customers with a lifetime warranty that covers damages to Ting’s electrical sensor. Therefore, you get a free Ting electrical sensor replacement for a faulty Ting sensor.

  1. Power Monitoring

Ting has an inbuilt ability to monitor voltage fluctuations capable of damaging devices and home appliances. Therefore, Ting keeps you informed and engaged by monitoring fluctuations via its app or enterprise dashboard.

  1. Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is available to organizations and other large scale electrical consumers. The enterprise dashboard provides real-time monitoring of parameters such as fire outbreak risk, connectivity info, detection efficiency, etc.

  1. One Ting per home

Every home requires one Ting Electrical Sensor system. A Ting sensor is capable of monitoring an entire electrical system for inconsistencies in any part of the house and also notifying you of such early enough to mitigate potential fire outbreaks.


Having examined the Ting Electrical Fire Prevention System in detail, we can say that Ting is what every household needs to enjoy safety from fire hazards, and also enjoy discounts from insurance companies, and energy services.

Also, Ting is invaluable to Fire prevention companies that rely on Ting for notifications that help them to prevent electrical fire outbreaks at home.

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