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Mozilla Partners with CloudFlare to launch a new VPN

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Mozilla has announced that it plans to launch a beta version of its upcoming VPN services. The Mozilla VPN will be launched after the beta version release.

The Firefox maker recently launched the Firefox Private Network this month, and it appended a browser proxy to the company's web browser. Sadly, this feature is currently available to U.S users only. And it looks similar to the VPN feature that was added by Opera to its Android browser earlier this year.

The function of the Private Firefox network is to protect the data of online users and mask the IP address of the users' connection.

Mozilla VPN Beta Version

Mozilla is partnering with Cloudflare for the services. When Firefox users activate Private Network in their browser, they get connected to the nearest Cloudflare data center.

The initial version lacked numerous vital features, like the option to pick different servers or regions. This version also did not display information about the connection in the extension.

Firefox recently gave new details about the Private network in an announcement. The company stated that a version of the Private Network would remain free, and beta users will get the privilege to use the service in the form of four three-hour passes.

However, users should know that these passes will run non-stop for 3hours at a time. And there is no option to split the time between separate periods.

Mozilla also has plans to offer a paid-device comprehensive approach that will have no attachment to its Firefox browser. This will allow users to enjoy the Private Network without the Firefox browser.

However, Interested users in the United States that will like to test and make use of the beta services can visit the Firefox Private network page themselves to sign up.


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