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1,000 Chinese Nationals Suspected in Massive Online Scam

1000 chinese nationals suspected massive online scam

So many movements went down on Wednesday in Malaysia, as the Immigration Department Officials raided 1,000 Chinese nationals. Made known that these syndicates run the largest online scam in the country, many attempted to resist arrest. Some others took weird decisions to escape.

It was a crazy scene on this very day. It happened to be that these syndicates were busted upon intelligence. The officials, on the other hand, performed excellently by holding down some of the raided criminals.

This incident has created awareness, and the authorities are concerned about the situation. Significantly, it’s an occurrence that can’t be overlooked. Now, stretch the emphasis – imagine the level of menace this criminal group can cause; talking about one thousand members. This, however, has attracted public awareness, with videos circulating online.

Malaysia Official Statement Regarding The Chinese Nationals

According to a Facebook statement released after the burst, officials revealed that this group was secretly operating in the university-slash-tech town of Cyberjaya. Further details disclosed that they had an office in which they use for their operations in the mentioned location, which is just outside of the Malaysian capital.

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While the public awaits a press conference, a vast number of videos have circulated Facebook over the last 24 hours of the incident. The videos, notwithstanding, disclosed all the happenings.

In one of the clips, an individual was viewed attempting to resist arrest – jumps out of the block window. Upon landing, he gets up – happened to be affected by the step he took.

Another video discloses the moment when one of the syndicates wrestles an official in an attempt to escape.

There’s also a clip that showcases the moment the public was in disorder motion, with every one of these suspects running for safety.

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It is, however, obvious that the Immigrant officials did well by arresting these cybercriminals who could have done a lot more damage to the country.


Abraham Faisal

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